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hot tamale miniature roseHot Tamale

The Hot Tamale Rose, is a rose with a unique color blend for a miniature rose bush.

The show-stopping orange blend roses age dramatically to a yellow pink color, causing the blooms to have an electric 'glow' to them.

They are very beautiful miniature roses in all color stages! They begin a bright orange with a yellow base. Gradually the yellow fades to white, and the orange gradually fades to salmon, then pink. All the while the petal tips turn a deeper color, and almost seem crimson. It makes a very stunning flower transformation!

The Hot Tamale miniature rose is a disease resistant rose with complementary dark green, semi-glossy foliage. It is repeat blooming all season.

Type Miniature Roses

Hybridizer Zary US 1993

Growth Habits compact, tall growing 2' by 1 1/2'

Blooms Orange/blend of changing colors! 18-25 petals

Foliage Semi-glossy, dark green foliage

Fragrance lightly scented

Awards ARS Award of Excellence 1994

Hardy zone

zones 5-11

These striking flowers are perfect miniature roses that are Hybrid tea form. They have long pointed buds and neatly turned petals.

The flowers are borne singly and in small clusters, on a neat, prickly rose bush. The lovely color combinations last a long time, even in the hot sun.

The warmer climates will see single blooms, while cooler climates tend to produce small sprays of blooms.

This rose is a frequent winner on the show table, and a popular variety for both cutting and growing in containers. It will brighten up a spot in the front of the garden, or along a garden path. Planted in mass around a bird bath or fountain, they are a sight to behold!

The parentage of this beauty is unknown.

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