Honey Bouquet Rose

The Honey Bouquet rose is a large flowered Floribunda that is not only very beautiful, but quite fragrant as well.

The sweet, fragrant flowers are nearly 5" across, and appear in generous clusters. The flowers are quick to repeat on the Honey Bouquet rose.

Honey Bouquet roseHoney Bouquet

This is classified a yellow blend Floribunda rose for good reason. The outer petals are a much softer yellow, while the middle of the rose appears a much darker shade.

The flowers on 'Honey Bouquet', are stuffed full of petals, (35-40) with a double bloom form that makes you want to snip a bouquet and sink your nose into them!

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Type Floribunda

Hybridizer Dr. Keith W. Zary 1999 (United States) introduced to the U.S in 2001 by Jackson & Perkins

Blooms   Yellow Blend Large blooms are 4 3/4" across with 35-40 petals, double bloom form

Foliage  Semi-glossy, Dark Green

Fragrance Strong, Sweet Scent (Smells like Honey)

Growth Habits   Upright, Spreading, Medium size bush grows 3 1/2' tall by 2 1/2' wide

Hardy Zones   Zones 6-10

Parentage   Friesensohne  X seedling,   X   Amber Queen

Honey Bouquet Rose

This rose is very versatile, it certainly has a lot going for it!

  • It tolerates a bit of shade
  • It is disease resistant ~Resistant to both Rust and Mildew
  • It is heat tolerant
  • It is repeat blooming throughout the season
  • It makes lovely, fragrant bouquets

Not to mention those very beautiful yellow shaded blooms with their very sweet fragrance! The bees as well as the butterflies particularly love this rose, so it attracts them to your garden.

This upright, compact growing little shrub grows only a bit over 3' tall, but repeats well, giving you plenty of rose clusters throughout the growing season.

It begins blooming the first year it is planted, and gets bigger and better each year.

The blooming begins in early summer and continues through late summer, giving you season long blooms.

Uses for 'Honey Bouquet' include; Garden Beds and Borders, makes a Great hedge rose, nice rose for cutting flowers for the vase.

Ovoid, pointed buds make this rose pretty in both bud and bloom stage.

It requires winter protection if the temperature will drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit in your garden.

Note; Such a beautiful rose, I wish it were hardier (zone 5), so I could grow it in my garden!

Maybe if I get an own-root one, and give it lots of winter protection.....Well...sometimes we gardeners will chance breaking the rules for a particularly favored rose! (Or not)....


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