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Natural Weed Killer Recipe

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The best homemade weed killer for use in your walkways, or patio, is a simple solution using common household products.

Getting rid of weeds that grow between the stones, and in the gravel or other material in your walkways, can be a pain!  Isn’t it amazing how well weeds can manage to grow through anything!

The easiest, and most natural homemade weed killer recipe, is to simply use boiling hot water! That’s right, get out the tea pot.... boil up some water, and head out to the walkway. Pour the boiling water on those nasty weeds, and watch them shrivel up and die before your eyes. Please use caution with BOILING water! The hot water (cooks) the weeds and kills them.

What is a Natural Weed Killer?

A natural weed killer is one that will destroy the weeds without hurting the environment. This is a much safer alternative to using a toxic chemical such as (Round Up).

If you want more of a recipe for weed killer; the following is a spray weed killer that works, but use with caution, it is meant to be used in walkways, and not for planting beds. It consists of vinegar, which being very acidic, will make the planting bed also acidic, which is not so good for your plants. It will also kill any plant it gets sprayed on, (similar to Roundup).  The difference is, it kills the active growing top part of the plant, but not the roots, so you might have to repeat the process of spraying.

Someone suggested taking a screwdriver (or other long pointed object), and jamming it into the ground beside the plant, then along with spraying the foliage, pour some in the hole, so it will get to the roots.

Natural Weed Killer Recipe

  • 1 gallon Apple Cider Vinegar
  • ½ Tsp. Table Salt
  • 1 Tsp. Dawn (or any) liquid dish washing soap
  • 2 Tablespoons  Canola Oil

Mix all together, put in a spray bottle, and spray those weeds! The temperature outside should be at least 70 degrees (or over) when you use this weed killer spray.

I’ve seen this recipe used in numerous variations, with good results still reported. Some suggest that regular white vinegar works as well as the apple cider vinegar some don’t use the Canola oil, some add a bit of Gin to the mix!  Some people heat the mix, while others insist it works just as well cold. The only one I suggest that you don’t leave out is the dish washing soap. It makes the recipe stick to the leaves, giving better results.

Another caution I’d like to add:  constant use on cement is not a good idea. The acidic vinegar will eventually eat away at the cement!  So if you have a patio with questionable material about using the vinegar solution homemade weed killer...... use the hot water method instead!

And for all those weeds (in your garden)... Mulch heavily, and pull them out by hand!

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