Homemade Stepping Stones

Make and Decorate Your Own Stepping Stones

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It is easy to make your own stepping stones.

After making them, you can add color to the stones, and decorate with gems etc.

These Stepping Stones are not only easy to make, but they will cost a lot less than purchasing them. When you make your own personal  stepping stone, it will make your garden even more special.

Adding Color to your Homemade Stone

If you want a colored stepping stone, you can add the colorant to the mix before pouring into the mold. ]

If no colorant is added, the stone will be gray (the color of the cement) Colorant is available from Mold Creations where the molds are also sold.

Click here to visit Mold creations and view the many colorants and paints available to decorate your stones.

celtic homemade stepping stone

Colorants such as this red clay color are very popular for homemade stepping stones.

When placed in the grass, it stands out well, and is very visible. Stones of this color are commonly used in Patios and for garden edging.

birdhouse stepping stone

This Bird House Stepping Stone is one of many available from Mold Creations.

See how the painted areas add detail to the stone?

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Decorate With Embellishments

You can add your own personal touch to your stepping stone by putting objects such as seashells, marbles, beach glass, buttons, pieces of broken glass, or mosaic tiles into the mold after filling.

roses stepping stone

This is great mold to stencil your favorite sayings or words on the finished stone. Rose mold makes a stone approximately 12 inches by 11 inches and 1 1/2 inches thick. This rose mold looks very attractive used with the rose and flower molds to create a unique look to your home or garden.

Instructions for making your own homemade stone

Find the full instructions on Making Garden Stepping Stones

Some Good Advice on Homemade Stepping Stones

  • Wear protective gloves and eye-ware
  • Do your cleanup outside. Concrete will easily wash down the drain, but will also harden inside the pipe!
  • Do not walk on stones for at least a week to make sure they are fully cured (hardened)
  • A tip to making the stone "harder" is to (water) it. The more you wet it after it is hardened, the harder it will be!

Click here to visit Moldcreations

View and Purchase Molds

painted rose stepping stone

Loaded with so much detail this rose mold is sure to be a talked about piece in your garden.

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