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Rose Recipes for Natural Cosmetics

These homemade cosmetics, using rose recipes, include recipes for homemade hand cream, rose hand lotion, natural skin cream and more. The practice of using roses to scent perfumes and cosmetics has been in place since ancient times. Still today, rose scents are loved by many, and very popular. The scent of rose flowers is widely used in many products for women.

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Making your own home made cosmetics allows you to control the ingredients used in your concoctions. Simple adjustments will vary the scents of your homemade lotions and creams.

You'll use all natural ingredients in these home made skin care recipes, with no harmful chemicals. Have you ever read the ingredient list on some of the products you use everyday? It's really amazing how they get all that stuff in the bottle... And you have to wonder......what is it all for? It's no wonder so many women now make cosmetics at home. Learn how to make home made products yourself!

When you give it as a gift you'll be proud to say "I made it Myself"

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You can whip up some home beauty recipes for Yourself or make some to give as Gifts You can make some pretty impressive gift baskets using these homemade cosmetics that friends and family will be delighted to receive! Scroll down and take a look at these home made beauty products.

Clicking on the Headline of each cosmetic, will take you to that page, with the recipe. Enjoy!

Rose Cosmetics

Rose Hand Lotion This recipe for homemade hand cream has a beautiful rose fragrance, and a rich and creamy texture. It is a great benefit to dry hands. It contains no preservatives, and is made with all natural ingredients! It is very Easy to make.

Rose and Walnut Hand Cream This hand cream works it's magic at night. It will soften and moisturize your hands while you sleep!

Rose Petal Perfume This sweet scented perfume has an exquisite scent of roses and spice. It is an easy to make perfume that has an aura of luxury, especially when you put it in a beautiful bottle.

Homemade Bath Salts Try this for a refreshing rose and herbal foot bath to soothe and relax tired feet.

Rose Petal Soap Decorative soap with the scent of roses!

Rose Oil is very expensive to buy......Try making your own! It's easier than you think!

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