Hermosa Rose

Sweet Scented China Rose

The Hermosa rose is an old garden rose introduced before 1837.

It is classified as a Bourbon/Old China rose.

 Over the years, it has been classified this and then that! Although no one seems to know where it should be classified........everyone agrees that the Hermosa rose is one fantastic rose!

The double, globe shaped flowers are blue/pink in color, and have a bold, unique fragrance.

Blooms have a strong, sweet scent, suggesting it's mixed parentage; Bourbon perfume, and fruity China scent.

Also called; Armosa, Setina, Melanie Lamarie, Madame Neumann

Type  Bourbon/China

Hybridizer   Marchesseau (France) 1834

Blooms    Light pink, globular, cupped, with 35 petals around 2 1/2" across

Foliage  Light colored Blue/green, smooth leaves. Very few prickles (thorns)

Growth Habits Grows around 2 1/2' by 2 1/2'

Fragrance   Strong, sweet, tea like

Hardy zones  zones 6-10

More about the Hermosa rose...

The flowers on the Hermosa rose are pink in color, with a subtle hint of lilac, and slightly darker petal backs. The pink rose is globular, beginning as pointed, attractive buds that become light pink, highly centered blooms that are small in size. The blooms are cupped, globular, and almost white at the base. The outer petals reflex as the blooms open.

The rose itself is very full of delicate petals that unroll at their tips. The pink roses appear on the bush in clusters of 3-7. During spring and fall bloom, the roses literally cover the bush!

Fully opened flowers have a muddled center. Some say the flowers are the prettiest when only half open or in bud stage.

The flowers start to nod on the bush as they open and grow heavier.

Spring and fall blooming is the best, but it does produce blooms all season. (Only smaller in size, and paler in color)

This rose bush has a tidy growth habit with many slender growths, and lots of small, thin branches. The bush is short, small, well branched, and bushy.  Minimal shaping will keep it compact, and make it an ideal container rose.

There is lots of dense blue/green colored foliage covering the bush, making a nice back drop for the pretty blooms.

Hermosa has a good disease resistance, especially in hot dry climates. Mildew and black-spot are a problem in cooler climates.

It is generally a healthy growing, tough rose bush that is rarely troubled by disease or insects.

In the nineteenth century it was considered the best choice among roses to be used for a low growing hedge.

Do You grow this rose?

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