Henry Kelsey Rose

Climbing Red Roses

The Henry Kelsey Rose, are beautiful, semi-double climbing red roses, that are enhanced by a mop of brilliant yellow stamens in the center of the flower.

These full petaled blooms are a warm, bright shade of red.

The cupped flowers on these climbing roses are borne in medium sized clusters of 5-15 flowers.

The first flowering of the season is spectacular, and flowering continues all season until the first frost ends the show.

As the flowers on the Henry Kelsey rose age, they turn rose red, then drop their petals cleanly, repeating Summer through Fall.

These red roses were introduced by Agriculture Canada to help widen the range of roses that could survive the harsh Canadian winters. It is quite hardy, and does very well in colder climates, as low as zone 3, where it will survive with little winter protection. In warmer climates, it can reach a height of 13 ft.

Type Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Dr. Felicitas Svedja (Canada)1984

Growth Habits A trailing, spreading rose, 6-8ft. Produces flowers all season.

Blooms Semi-double, dark red flowers with golden yellow stamens. 2 ½” flowers have 28 petals.

Foliage Dense, glossy green foliage

Fragrance Spicy fragrance

Hardy zone 3-9

The canes on these red roses are long and limber, making it easy to train. Planted in a border, it forms an attractive arching, pendulous informal shrub with trailing stems, but is at its best when allowed to climb.

The foliage is a dark, glossy green, and tinted with burgundy. They make a nice complement to those vivid red flowers.

The blooms have a wonderful rich spicy fragrance, and are produced all season.

This Kordesii hybrid is one of the tallest of the Explorer roses. The sparkling crimson flowers will make a nice statement in the garden.

Henry Kelsey was an explorer who explored inland Canada for the Hudson Bay Company in the 1680’s.

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