Henri Martin Rose

Moss Roses

The Henri Martin Rose produces crimson colored camellia-like blooms that like other Moss Roses are quite fragrant.

These red Old Garden roses come in clusters of rich crimson, rounded blossoms that are semi-double to double and open flat.

The moss covered stems and sepals on the Henri Martin rose emit a subtle to strong scent of balsam.

Type  Moss Rose

Hybridizer Jean Laffay 1862 (France)

Blooms Claret red to crimson  Blooms are up to 3" across Once Blooming

Foliage  Bright green, medium dark foliage with few prickles

Fragrance  Strong, balsam fragrance

Growth Habit   Fast growing with a lax, arching Habit. It grows 5-6' by 4-6'

Hardy Zone zones 4-5 and warmer

Parentage  Unknown

More on these Red Moss Roses...

This red Moss rose is vigorous, healthy, and very floriferous. The color is not truly red, but more crimson or dark pink. The rose 'Henri Martin' blooms only once in mid summer.

The rounded flowers open quickly, in a light crimson red color, but soon become a more purplish color. (Especially if they are grown in a hot climate).

The flowers come in loosely arranged clusters of 3-9, and in the fall, when left on the bush, become very attractive small, round red hips that if not harvested will remain on the bush well into winter.

The flower stalks and receptacles are covered in light green moss that appears like tiny bristles, but in fact they are quite soft and sticky. (and very fragrant)

Henri Martin is a fast growing, vigorous rose that grows out wide (up to 6'). It is very tolerant of not only poor soils, but also light shade, and both hot and dry summers.

Cold regions will experience some winter die back that can be pruned out in spring.

It has a lax, gracefully arching habit of growth. It will do well tied to some sort of support such as a tripod, obelisk, pergola or trellis to perform to it's best and prevent those flexible canes from collapsing.

This rose was named after the French Historian and writer. (1810-1883) He was one of a circle of people who presented the Statue of Liberty as a gift from France to America.

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