Heirloom Roses
Old Garden Roses

heirloom roses

Heirloom Roses or Old Garden Roses, are those from any class that were introduced before 1867. That was the year the first modern rose (Hybrid tea) was introduced.

If the rose was discovered or hybridized after 1867, it is considered (old) if it is in one of these classes.

Of the thousands of old garden or "Heirloom" varieties once available, today the numbers are only in the hundreds. The surviving ones remained not only because of hardiness, but also for their beautiful blooms, and most importantly, their wonderful fragrance.

The Heirloom roses, are my favorites. As much as I love the Hybrid Teas, they don't do well in my northern climate. I've long since given up trying to grow them.

I find the Heirloom, and old garden roses very beautiful, romantic sort of, and very hardy for me.

Gardeners that don't have a lot of time to spend in the garden dead heading, appreciate the once bloomers. They get that one fabulous show of blooms that last a very long time, and then the season is over.

But not all the old timers are once blooming, many repeat blooms.

Antique roses are low maintenance- have a long life, and are very fragrant- which is everything I want in a rose.

Some Popular Heirloom Roses
with growing information


Gallica (France) 1818

Once Blooming

Loosely double, crimson color with golden stamens, and somewhat ragged petals.

Vigorous grower 6 1/2' x 7'.

Hardy to zone 5

Aimee Vibert

Noisette 1828

Small, double pure white

Can be grown as a climber or large shrub

Grows 9' high by 10'wide

hardy zones 5-10

Alba Semi-Plena

Alba 1500

Once Blooming

Semi-double pure white flowers have small petals and yellow stamens

Tough, hardy grower, does well in climates with cold winters.

Strong, sweet fragrance

Grows 8' by 3'

Alfred De Dalmas

Perpetual Moss (France)1855

Flesh pink flowers fade to pale creamy pink. Cup shaped, and sweetly scented.

Clusters of 3-5 flowers come on short, leafy stems.

Tall, upright, not very vigorous. Grows 4-5'.

hardy to zone 5

Alister Stella Gray

Noisette  Gray 1894

Pale yellow with a darker yellow center, fading to white

3", with 50 plus petals Full, quartered

Tall, vigorous, upright 15 x 10'

Moderate fragrance

Continual blooming!


Alba (France) 1823

Once Blooming

Rose pink, wavy petals with gold stamens.

Small clusters of 3-5 on long stems. Tolerates poor soil.  Grows 4' by 3'

Hardy to zone 5

American Pillar

american pillar rose

This Rambler explodes each Spring with a profusion of Carmine-Pink single blooms in huge clusters.

The deep pink blooms have a white eye, and yellow stamens. 5 petals, 4" single flowers, have no fragrance.

The plant grows upright, 15-20 feet high, with medium green leathery foliage.

This is a vigorous plant that grows easily. It is shade tolerant and does well in most landscapes.

It is a one-time, but prolific bloomer, that produces super single-formed flowers. American Pillar is a real beauty!

Anna De Diesbach


Double, cupped blooms are deep pink with a deeper center.

Wonderful fragrance

Grows 4-7' high by 3' wide

Hardy zones 6-10

Archduke Charles

China rose prior to 1837

Rose pink  blooms 3", cupped, prolific bloomer

Vigorous, bushy grower to 6'

Slight fragrance

Ardoisee De Lyon

Moss rose 1858

Fully double blooms open bright red, then fade to violet

Strong old rose scent

Grows 4' high by 3' wide

Zones 4-9

Autumn Damask

Damask prior to 1600

Medium pink, ruffled blooms with yellow stamens

Medium, bushy plant grows 3 1/2-5'

Intense fragrance

Baronne Prevost

Hybrid Perpetual 1842

Large, deep, rose pink blooms

Moderate fragrance

One of the oldest Hybrid Perpetuals still on the market, learn more...

Baroness Rothschild

Bourbon rose  1868 Large buds open to become flesh pink with silver-edged petals. Full, cupped flower.

The bush is vigorous, erect, and hardy. It blooms early, then again in fall.

It originated in the Indian Ocean island of L'lsle Bourbon in the early 1800's.

Hardy zones 5-10

Belle de Crecy

Gallica 1829

Rich pink blooms age to reddish purple.

Intense fragrance

Vigorous grower   Learn more about it..

Belle Isis

Gallica 1845

Pale pink,deep pink center, quartered

Intense fragrance

Medium, upright grower grows 3-4'.

Vigorous, disease resistant Great rose for cutting!

Blush Damask

Damask around 1759

Rose pink center fading to pale pink on outer petals

Intense fragrance

Vigorous, upright, bushy 3-6'

Blush Hip

Rare, old Alba


Once Blooming

Light blooms are classically shaped. Vigorous grower. grows 5-6' by 5' wide.

Needs lots of room to grow.

zones 5-10

Blush Noisette

Noisette 1814

Blush pink, 2 1/2' flowers

Moderate, clove fragrance

Tall growing, vigorous,great for pillars. 7 x 4'.


Medium size pink blooms age to lilac. Lacy foliage.

Nice for growing on large structures.

Grows 4-11' high by 3-4' wide.

Hardy zones 7-11

Boule de Neige

Bourbon 1867

Milky white with over one hundred petals

Medium, vigorous, bushy, repeat bloomer  grows 4-5' x 3-4'

Moderate fragrance

Many Heirloom roses are Once-Blooming
You'll find LOTS more Once-Bloomers Here!

Cabbage Rose

Centiflora around 1596

Once Blooming

Medium to deep pink, shallowly cupped

Vigorous, upright, bushy 6 x 4'

Moderate, old rose fragrance

Cardinal de Richelieu

Gallica prior to 1847

Once Blooming

Dark Purple with a lighter reverse

Medium, upright, bushy

 Intense, sweet fragrance

Learn more about this beautiful rose...


Alba Before 1759

Once Blooming

Silvery soft blush with a moderate, old rose fragrance blooms are large, semi-double,and loose

Vigorous, upright, dense, grows to 6'


Damask prior to 1732

Pale pink crinkled petals, large, double come in clusters

Moderate fragrance

Medium, vigorous, upright grower 4-5'

Champneys' Pink Cluster

Light pink, small double blooms in clusters on these Heirloom roses.

Intense fragrance

Vigorous, upright, bushy to 10'

Great for pillar or hedge

Charles de Mills

Large, dark red to crimson purple

arching canes, vigorous, upright 4-6'

slight fragrance


Hybrid Alba (France) 1820

Once Blooming

Pale pink (nearly white) Lots of thin,translucent in-curved petals around a green eye.

Long arching stems.

Healthy plant tolerates poor soil.

hardy to zone 4(or possibly zone 3)

Comte De Chambord


Blooms open bright pink and age to lilac-mauve-pink. Quartered flowers open flat.

Very fragrant

Grows 4' high by 3' wide

Hardy zones 6-10

Cosimo Ridolfi

Gallica (France) 1842

Once Blooming

Crimson Purple, lightly cupped, full of petals,often quartered around a button eye.

Stout, upright branches with few prickles  (bushy growth habit)

Hardy to zone 5

Crested Moss

Moss rose 1827

Once Blooming

Fully double, very fragrant, cabbage style blooms are a rich pink color. Heavy mossing on the buds.

Strong growing bush is upright, with light green foliage.

Grows 3-5' high by 4' wide.

Double de Coubert

double de coubert rose

1892 Hybrid Rugosa, with semi-double, white blooms. This antique rose has a strong sweet fragrance, snow white 2-4 inch 18-24 petaled loose blooms. Good early to mid-season bloom with all-season repeat.

The paper like appearance of the petals reveal golden stamens. Plants grow 5-7 ft. tall.

Foliage is wrinkled. It produces red hips in the fall.

Duchesse de Brabant

Tea 1857

Soft, rosy pink, large,cupped

Vigorous, spreading

Intense fragrance

Repeat blooming

Eugene de Beauharnais

China 1838

Purple/crimson  3" blooms, cupped, slightly reflexed

Intense old rose fragrance

Medium, bushy, vigorous 4 x 3'

Low-growing, constantly in bloom

Beautiful colors of Heirloom Roses

Ferdinand Pichard

ferdinard pichard rose

photo courtesy Henrique

Hybrid Perpetual

This vigorous, upright growing bush grows 4-8 ft.

The clear pink colored blooms on these heirloom roses are striped scarlet.

 This fragrant rose blooms in flushes throughout the season.

It has medium light green foliage

It is one of the better known and loved of the old garden roses.

It has gorgeous color!

F.J.Grootendorst Heirloom Roses

f.j. grootendorst rose

1918 Hybrid Rugosa Heirloom rose

Small 1-1 1/2 inch, double bright red flowers are frilled like carnations. They bloom in large clusters throughout the summer on upright 3-5 foot plants- ( mine is over 5 ft!)

Leaves are small, leathery, wrinkled, and dark green.

General Jacqueminot

Hybrid Perpetual 1853

Dark red with a whitish reverse

Intense fragrance

Vigorous, upright, bushy 5 x 4'     

Gloire de Dijon

Climbing Tea 1853

Rich buff pink shading to apricot orange. Full, globular, quartered and quilled

Moderate fragrance

Vigorous, upright, bushy grows 12' x 8'

Gloire De France

Gallica (France) 1828

Once Blooming

Huge, brilliant pink flowers have swirling, neatly arranged petals. Flowers open flat.

Flowering is so profuse, the branches are weighted down form them

Strong rich, sweet fragrance

Grows 5' by 4'

Hardy to zone 5

Gloire des Mousseux

Moss rose. 1852

Large, very full pink petals, have a cushion effect when fully open. They pale to blush as they age.

Tall growing rose(to 6') Healthy growing

Very hardy zones 4-9

Great Maidens Blush

Alba prior to 1738

Once Blooming

White blooms, tinged pink, cupped

Tall, spreading 4-6'Intense fragrance

Great Western

Bourbon (France) 1840

Once Blooming

Double, globular, deep red/magenta crimson flowers are large, full, flat and loosely quartered.

Strong (sweet) fragrance

Grows 8x5'

Sturdy plant (sometimes a problem with black-spot)

Hardy to zone 5

Harrison Yellow

harrisons yellow rose

.Around 1830:

Double,cup shaped yellow blooms, measure 2-2 1/2 inches across.

Profuse early bloom is not recurrent. Flowers have showy yellow stamens. The roses are bright yellow, and extremely disease resistant.

The bush grows upright, spreading and arching. It could be used as a small climber on a fence or trellis.

The blooms appear all along the length of the long canes.

It has attractive ferny foliage.

This rose bush grows to 7 ft. Very winter hardy

This is the famous "Yellow Rose of Texas" brought by the early frontier  settlers.


China rose (France) 1834

Pink, with a hint of lilac, and slightly darker petal backs.

Strong (Tea like) fragrance

Does best in hot, dry climates, but gets mildew and blackspot in cooler climates.

Grows around 2 1/2'

Hardy to zone 6

Honorine De Brabant

Old Bourbon rose

Pink blend, striped/spotted rose. Cupped flowers are pale pink, with irregular, pale crimson stripes and slashes, that later fades to lighter shades.  Short stemmed clusters of 7.

Vigorous, shrubby bush, repeats well, grows around 6'

The origins of this rose is unknown, other that it is very old! It is one of the most popular roses world wide!

hardy zones 4-9


Portland 1830

 Purple/red fully double flowers  are fragrant

Grows 4' high and wide

Hardy zones 4/5-10

Jeanne D' Arc       Heirloom roses

Old Alba (France) 1818

Cream colored flowers with muddled centers fade quickly to white.

Tall, spreading shrub.

Hardy zones 4-9

Konigin von Danemark

Alba 1816

Once Blooming

Medium pink with a darker pink center

Tall, vigorous, upright 5-6'

Intense fragrance

La Belle Sultane

Gallica 1795

Once Blooming

Deep crimson shading to violet with a white eye and gold stamens

heart shaped single petals

Upright, bushy 5 x 4'



Fully double blooms are rosette shaped, and pure white shading to lemon yellow at the center.

Vigorous climber or shrub. Long cutting stems.

Grows 8-15' high by 6-12' wide

Hardy zones 7-10

La Reine


Fully double, cupped blooms are silvery pink with lilac undertones.

Very fragrant, Upright growing 4' high by 3' high

Hardy zones 4/5-10

La Ville de Bruxelles

Damask 1849

Once Blooming

Clear pink, large blooms are reflexed with a button eye.

Tall, vigorous, upright, dense. Grows 5-6' lax canes

Intense fragrance


Damask before 1827

Once Blooming

White to blush, edged crimson

Upright, medium, compact 3-4'

moderate fragrance  Learn more...

Louise Odier

Rose pink, fully double, camellia style blooms have a rich perfume.

Vigorous, bushy plant

Grows 5' high, by 4' wide.

Hardy zones 5-10

Madame Hardy

Damask 1832

Once Blooming

Very double, fragrant, white flowers open flat around a green eye.

Very fragrant and beautiful heirloom roses

Learn more about it...

Maidens Blush

Hybrid Alba 1704

Once Blooming

Double, globular, blush colored blooms.

Sweet scent

Hardy zones 4-11

Marechal Davoust

Moss rose (France) 1853

Once Blooming

Rich crimson color.Lightly cupped with lots of petals.

Strong (sweet) fragrance

The plant is a lax grower growing around 5'.

hardy to zone 5

Marie de Blois

Moss rose 1852

Pink, frilled blooms are globular, full and blowsy. The medium pink flowers fade to a pale pink with a touch of lilac.

These heirloom roses bloom all season.

Very disease resistant, does well in poor soil. Grows around 5' by 5'.

Strong, sweet fragrance.

Hardy zone 5

Marie Louise

Damask 1813

Fragrant rose has mauve pink blooms in June. Double blooms are flat, with a button eye. They age to white

The bush arches to the ground under the weight of the heavy blooms

These heirloom roses do well even in poor soil, and has been known to survive for years even if neglected.

Hardy zones 5-10

Old Blush


Classic old rose with silver pink blooms that deepen in color as they age.

Produces graceful clusters.

Blooms have a fragrance of sweet peas.

Grows 4-6' high and wide.

Hardy zones 7-10

Prince Camile De Rohan

Hybrid Perpetual (France) 1861

Rich, dark crimson with velvety black markings, and hints of maroon and deep red. Large flowers can scorch in the heat of the sun.

Foliage is strongly susceptible to black-spot.

Some fall repeat

Hardy zone 6

Reine des Violettes

reine des violettes

Reine Des Violettes 1860 Hybrid Perpetual

The flowers are very double, and very Fragrant 3 1/2-4 inch flowers Color is a violet red that turns from Mauve to lavender

Plants are thorn-less, growing 6-8 ft

Abundant mid-season bloom with occasional fall repeat

(Although they are very hardy, my plants don't grow over 3 ft.)

Rosa Mundi

Species before 1581

Once Blooming

Pale pink with red and pink stripes, yellow stamens

Vigorous, compact, 3 1/2' x 4'



Moss Rose 1854 (France)

One of the most free-flowering of the Moss roses.

Rose pink flowers are darker in the center, paler at the edges.

Attractive in all stages of bloom

Strong, sweet fragrance, good repeat

Grows 5' by 4'.

Hardy to zone 5

Zephrine Droughin

zephrine drouhin climbing rose

1868 Bourbon Rose

Large, double, deep rose pink color flowers with moderate fragrance 3 1/2 -4 inches across. Produced in great quantities

Prone to black-spot and mildew.

Grows 8-12 ft. tall

This climbing rose is thorn-less! 

A stunning plant when in full bloom!

This climber is beautiful on a

Pergola or Arbor This one was planted on an arbor at the entrance to my Herb garden. I lost it a few years back during a really bad winter. I intend on replacing it in my rose garden soon! It was simply stunning! The number of blooms on the bush were incredible!

UpDate; Planted another Zephrine Droughin Rose last Spring! It is doing well, and producing blooms already.

heirloom roses- zephrine drouhinmy Heirloom roses Zephrine Drouhin

Do you grow any of these old roses in your garden?

Do You grow this rose?

Please share your comments and/or especially pictures of this rose with us, so everyone can get a look at it!  Submit here, and Thanks so much!

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