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Heathcliff roseHeathcliff

The Heathcliff rose, are crimson colored English shrub roses.

They are yet another wonderful shrub rose produced by the English rose breeder David Austin.

The dark and mysterious roses on the Heathcliff rose are fully double, and quite large. The flowers are very full of petals in a beautiful deep crimson color.

The color holds up well; it doesn't fade, it stays a true red, even in hot sun.

Type English Shrub Rose

Hybridizer  David Austin (UK) 2012

Blooms Deep crimson, very full, Flowers have 41 plus petal

Foliage Dark green, and glossy foliage

Growth Habit   Strong growing, Upright It grows 3-5' tall by almost 3' wide

Fragrance Strong, old rose fragrance

Hardy zones  Hardy in zones 5-10

More about Heathcliff rose...

The rose flowers on these David Austin roses are typical looking old fashioned roses. They have a cupped, old fashioned, rosette shape, typical of these rose types.

The bush produces dark, crimson colored papery looking blooms that are reminiscent of the old Gallica roses in shades of red.

It is clustered flowered, giving you lots of roses in small clusters. The fragrant double blooms are large, and very full.

The pretty flowers are nestled against healthy, glossy, dark green foliage.

This rose is a strong, upright grower that blooms from late spring through early fall in flushes. Warmer climates will grow taller (larger) sized bushes.

This rose can be used in rose beds, borders, perennial beds in mixed plantings, as a landscape rose, and did I mention they make great cut flowers? For sure....

The Heathcliff rose got it's name from a character in the classic "Wuthering Heights"

Heathcliff blooms on new wood, so prune it early to force it to produce more flowers!

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