Heart O Gold Rose

Fragrant BiColor Rose

Heart o Gold Rose

The Heart O Gold Rose is a beautiful, fragrant bicolor rose. It's blooms have cerise pink colored outer petals, with butter gold centers.

The color combination on these two toned roses is quite striking. The golden centers gradually shade to a hot pink color toward the edges on the Heart O Gold rose.

These Grandiflora roses are not only pretty to look at, but also very fragrant. The fragrance is that of rose, and sweet peaches, (if you can imagine such a beautiful fragrance).

Type Grandiflora rose

Hybridizer Dr.A. Michael Dykstra 1997 (United States)

Blooms Bi Color  Pink and yellow Flowers measure between 4- 5" across, with 35-40 petals

Foliage  Medium green foliage

Fragrance Strong sweet, fruity (rose and peaches)

Growth Habits Grows upright, Tall. Can grow 4-6' high by 2-4' wide

Hardy Zones  hardy in zones 5-10 (opinions differ)

This Grandiflora rose likes the sun, but will tolerate a bit of shade. (Full sun planting brings on more flowers).

It begins blooming in late spring, and continues it's blooms in flushes throughout the growing season. Generally that would be early summer through mid fall.

The foliage remains dense right to the ground on this one, making it unnecessary to plant other flowers in front of it.

It produces medium size flowers that are full form. Cooler climates will get bigger sized blooms, but warm weather brings on the best colors!

This is a sturdy, vigorous growing rosebush, that has good disease resistance.

It produces beautiful double form long stemmed roses great for cutting. The blooms are long lasting in the vase. Up to two weeks! Learn how to Keep cut roses fresh...

Care of Heart O Gold Rose..

Give this rosebush a year or so to establish itself. Newly planted roses need to grow a healthy root system in their first year, then they focus on producing all those beautiful blooms you are expecting!

It is best to not cut many (if any) blooms the first year, and to do little (to no) pruning.

By the second year and onward, you can cut plenty of roses, and prune to keep the bush in shape, and remove any winter killed or damaged canes.


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