Harisons Yellow Rose

Antique Yellow Rosebush

harisons yellow rose

The Harisons yellow rose, is one of the hardiest roses available. This once-blooming variety produces an abundant display of bright yellow, semi-double blooms with yellow stamens.

This rose has a pleasant fragrance. It can be described as moderate, and fruity.

In early Spring, it burst forth with a beautiful display of cupped, yellow flowers surrounded by attractive, fern-like leaves

It is one of the first of the antique roses to bloom, blooming about the same time as the Rugosa Hybrids..

Type  Hybrid Foetida

Hybridizer Harison 1830

Growth Habit   This rose grows tall, 4-6'x 3-5' and bushy

Blooms  Bright Yellow with Yellow Stamens flowers are 2-2/12" across with 20-25 petals

Foliage Small size, light to medium green,matte, lots of prickles (thorns)

Hardy Zone  zones 3-8

This old-time garden favorite is valued for its bright flower color.

It grows upright, in an arching habit, and has unusual fern looking foliage and lots of thorns.

This once-bloomer is very attractive planted with other antique roses, or perennials and shrubs in informal plantings. It is especially striking when planted with deep blue 'Persimmon' Siberian Iris because they bloom at the same time.

This rose although very hardy and considered easy to grow, it is a bit of a slow starter. It seems to do well in poor soil, and not so well in rich soil. It also doesn't like being moved, so find it a permanent home that is well drained and sunny and then let it be! (It will tolerate a bit of dappled shade.)

It produces bristly, ovoid, unusual black hips in the Fall, that are quite beautiful.

Care of Harisons Yellow Rose

This Hybrid Foetida doesn't like to be fussed with!

Prune out damaged canes and remove older canes as needed to encourage new growth, but that's all the pruning needed.

You can fertilize once in the Spring with an organic fertilizer like compost.

Water as you would any other rose.


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