Hardy Climbing Roses

List of Cold Hardy Rose Bushes for Planting in Cold Climates

hardy climbing rose new dawnHardy Climber 'New Dawn'

Need Hardy Climbing Roses? If you live in a cold climate you will need to plant hardy varieties of roses that can withstand the ravages of harsh winters.

This list of cold hardy rose bushes will help you to select ones that will grow, thrive, and survive in your garden despite the challenges of your environment.

Buying and planting a rose bush on a whim because you think it's flowers are pretty may be fine for that first season, but if it isn't hardy to your climate zone, you will be very disappointed when it doesn't live through the winter. Not to mention the money and time wasted on it!

These are hardy climbing roses that are hardy down to zones 3-4. There are many more hardy varieties that will easily live in zone 5, but I've only listed the Most hardiest climbing roses here.

Hardy Climbing Roses


Medium rose pink with a darker reverse

Elegant blooms have a sweet rose fragrance

Grows 6-10'

zones 3-9


Orange-pink blooms with 30-35 petals

Very fragrant

Grows 8-10'

zones 4-10

Captain Samuel Holland

Hybrid Kordesii rose

Medium Red double blooms

Mild fragrance

Grows 5-6' Very disease resistant

zone 3b  and warmer


Hybrid Kordesii

Large, single petals, Red flowers

Small compact clusters

Deeds deadheading to keep blooming!

Grows 8-10'

zones 4-10

Dublin Bay

Fully double, large red flowers

usually appear in small clusters

Excellent repeat blooms

Grows to 10'

Can be slow to start;be patient

zones 4-10

Henry Kelsey

Hybrid Kordesii

Semi-double dark red with bright yellow stamens

Spicy fragrance

Blooms all season

Grows 6-8'

(One of the Hardiest climbers!)  zones 3-9

Isabella Skinner (also called) Victorian Memory

Medium Pink, nodding blooms with 17-25 petals

Strong Fragrance

Almost thornless

Grows 9-12'

zones 2b and warmer

Jeanne LaJoie

Climbing Miniature

Small, double pink flowers

Grows to 10'

zones 4-11

John Cabot

Hybrid Kordesii

Pale crimson semi-double flowers


Grows to 8'

 zones 3-9

John Davis

Hybrid Kordesii

Candy pink double blooms


Grows 10-12'

zones 2-9

Louis Jolliet

Explorer Series

Pink, cluster form roses 26-40 petals

Mild scent

small climber grows 4-5'

zones 3b and warmer

New Dawn

Light pink-blooms look like hybrid tea flowers

Fragrant bloom

Blooms all season

Grows 12-20'

zones 4-10

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler

Light pink delicate flowers

Blooms once in spring

slightly fragrant clusters of drooping flowers.

Grows 12-20 ft. Great for growing in small trees!

zones 4-9

Sally Holmes

White colored Hydrangea looking flowers

slight fragrance

Grows 6-12'

zones 4-10

William Baffin

Hybrid Kordesii

Pink blooms with 20-30 petals

blooms in small clusters

grows 10-12'

Very hardy! zones 2-9

William Lobb

Dark Purple semi-double flowers  (Only blooms Once)

Very prickly bush

Strong Fragrance

Grows 6-8'

Good Pillar rose

zones 4-9


For more information on most of these hardy climbers go to the; Names of Roses page.

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