Handel Rose

Large Flowered Climbing Rose

handel rose

The Handel rose is a large flowered climber, with very unique colored blooms. The roses are a beautiful bi-color of red and white.

The flowers begin creamy white, with a pale golden flushed center and a pale crimson band around the petal edges.

As the long slender buds open, they change and develop according to the weather.

  • Hot climates intensifies the colors;seeping into the pale parts so that the color is lost.
  • Cold climates, roses are at their best, though they do fade with age.
  • Wet weather causes the flowers to crumple.

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Type  Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer Sam McGredy 1965

Blooms  Red Blend, double flower form with 20-30 petals

           The flowers appear white, with lots of red edging.

Foliage   Dark olive green

Growth Habits  A slow grower, the canes can reach 10-12' long

Fragrance   None

Awards   Portland Gold Medal 1975

Hardy Zone    5-9

This rose bears lots of flowers in wide clusters, on upright stems.

There is no fragrance, but the continuity of blooms all season and into Fall is excellent.

The white/red blend flowers are quite beautiful (a winning combination). The elegant ruffled petals add an extra something to the pretty blooms.

You'll get long-stemmed clusters of 3-9 flowers, that make nice cut flowers.

The bush grows stiff and branching, so it needs support to grow on such as a wall, trellis, or fence to allow the branches to spread out.

This rose was the first repeat-flowering climber of it's color. It started people thinking about growing short climbing roses in small gardens.

The dark glossy leaves sometimes attract black spot.

This one is a slow grower, but an established bush sends up new growth from the ground continuously.

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