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Need advice, tips and help in Growing Roses?

I won't say it can't sometimes be challenging, but the rewards of growing your very own rose flowers are immense.

I've been growing roses for many years, and have learned so much along the way.

I'd like to share my knowledge with you, and teach you about growing healthy roses. I'll help guide you through a successful experience with rose gardening in general.

I hope that you will take some time browsing the many pages that I suggest in this easy beginners guide to rose gardening before even attempting to start your garden.

Even the beginner gardener can learn so much about how to grow roses by following along with this beginners guide to rose growing.

Rose Gardening Advice and Help...

The very first thing to learn is that you must choose rose plants for your garden wisely......they have to be hardy to your planting zone. (This bears repeating, and you will hear me say it over and over again!)

I explain all of that on the following page; Roses for Your Climate. It will help you choose ones for your specific area by suggesting ones that are known to grow well there.

Growing Roses for Beginners will help not only with hardiness, but soil requirements, fertilizing and such.

For a seasonal guide of when to do what in the garden;check out this page... Caring for roses. It gives you specific information to help with specific planting zones.

Growing Roses Organically is a more environmentally friendly way to garden.(And how I personally grow My own roses)

Confused about which Roses to Grow?

Learn about the Different Types of Roses

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Growing Roses ~ Guide to Success

Another must read is this page...Learn Rose Gardening. It talks about everything from the colors of the roses, to their leaves (which do matter).

It also explains about repeat-blooming and once-blooming roses. And lots of other great tid-bits I wouldn't want you to miss!

The Tools to Succeed

Here you will find a list of all the basic tools you will need for successfully growing rose bushes. Rose Gardening Tools

Fertilizing your roses is very important as we all know, but what we fertilize with, when, how much, how often, and even what time of day we do it, are all things you must know to achieve the most success with growing roses.

I have many pages on Fertilizing, but I suggest you start by reading this one; Rose Fertilizer, because it explains all about fertilizer in general, and gives you complete instructions on when and how. (It even has pictures to show you  exactly how to do it!)

Mulching your garden beds are very important for a number of reasons.

The mulch does more than just look pretty in your garden, it actually serves another purpose. Among other things, it keeps the ground moist, cool, and keeps weeds down. But not all mulch is created equal when it comes to your garden! 

You'll find the 'dirt' on the different mulches on this page; Garden Mulch

Pruning and Deadheading are all very important to keep the flowers coming. Yes, pruning helps the plant to produce even more blooms!

Once again.....Timing, and knowing when and how to do it is very, very important.

Just in case you are a little confused about some of the Gardening Terms you are reading (or have read), feel free to see what they mean HERE.

No room for a big garden of roses? Plant them in pots! Container gardening lets you grow roses on a deck or patio.

I hope you are not feeling overwhelmed by all this information! I know it can be a lot to take in all at once, but relax, learn the basics, and when you are ready, start planning your very own garden of roses. This site is only a click away from guiding you in any aspect of gardening with roses, so feel free to look around and don't forget to take notes and book mark pages so you can find them again later.

 Also remember the Site map has quick links to ALL the pages at

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