Growing Roses in Containers
Container Gardening with Roses

Princess-anne-rose-in-containerPrincess Anne Rose

Growing roses in containers and pots bring season long color and fragrance to your patio, deck, or balcony.

Container gardening with roses, make excellent focal points in a formal garden. The flower pots can be used along garden gates, paths, as border accents, or anywhere you want to grow them.

  • Use the Right Container

When growing roses in containers, you will find that the planting pots are available in many different materials. They include wood, plastic, clay, and just about anything large enough to plant a rose bush in! You'll also find many assorted sizes and shapes. You can use pots, tubs, urns, or planter boxes.

My only suggestion, is that you stay away from choosing a planter made out of metal, because they absorb too much heat, and would therefore stifle the growth of the plant.

Whichever one you choose, make sure it is large enough for the gardening rose that you choose to grow in it. Wide containers are best, because the roots spread out more than go down.

If the rose does not have enough root space, it will become stunted, and have poor flower production.

You must also be sure the container has drainage holes in the bottom of it. Depending on the material, you may need to drill some holes.

Tips for Growing Roses in Containers

  • A premium potting mix soil is the best choice for growing roses in containers.

A layer of bark mulch on top will preserve moisture during hot months.

You should provide good drainage to your rose by putting some gravel in the bottom of the pot, before you add the planting mix.

Be sure to water...water....and water, regularly. Roses growing in pots will dry out quickly, so be sure to keep them supplied with water.

If you garden in zones 3 through 7, do not leave the plants or containers outside over winter. Containers should be stored in a frost-free location.

  • Watering and fertilizing go hand in hand when talking about growing roses in pots.

The potting soil lacks nutrients typically found in mineral soils, so they will require regular fertilizer applications. Always follow the label directions on the fertilizer you use. Too little can limit the growth and reduce flowering, but adding to much can cause fertilizer burn.

yellow rose growing in containerContainer Grown Roses

What Types of Roses Grow in Containers?

You can grow several types of roses in containers and planters.

When choosing roses, it is important to know the mature size of the rose plant that you want to plant. Then you will factor in color, fragrance, bloom period and disease resistance.

When growing roses in containers, smaller roses are the best choice, although some medium size, and even climbers can be grown in a container.

Miniature Roses for Containers

Because of their size, miniatures are a natural for growing in containers.

They generally grow around 1-3', have a full rounded shape, and flower heavily.

You can plant them singly in smaller containers, or in groups in larger containers.

Floribunda Roses for Containers

Floribunda, and medium sized Shrub roses, including the smaller David Austin English roses are great for Medium to larger containers.

The smaller cultivars are the best choice. Foribundas have a continuous display of flower clusters, and most shrub roses are ever blooming.

Hybrid Tea Roses for Containers

Hybrid Tea roses can easily be grown in larger containers as long as the container is large enough.

Planting Annual flowers around the outside of the planter will give the pot more appeal (and hide lanky stems).

Some Good Roses for Containers..

baby love rose

Baby Love Bright yellow, neat,rounded, good disease resistance. It is covered in flowers all summer long!

China Doll  Pink colored Polyantha rose with rounded clusters of very full, small flowers that appear in such abundance, they hide the foliage. Low growing (about 1 1/2') and nearly thorn-less. Good resistance to disease.

Cupcake Cotton candy pink flowers are hybrid tea style. No fragrance

Flower Carpet Lightly fragrant roses are low growing to about 2' tall, and spreading. Dense glossy foliage.   White variety also available

French Lace  Floribunda that has clusters of pastel apricot/creamy white flowers. It also has a pleasantly mild fruity fragrance. It does best in cool temperatures.

  ~Does best in a 15 gallon or larger container

Glowing Amber Red blend. The scarlet red flowers with deep yellow undersides are flawless. The scarlet color deepens as they age. Plant grows 12-15" tall with an upright, compact habit. This one is exquisite in a 12-14" pot. (zones 8-10 in a container)

Gourmet Popcorn  Miniature-One inch, white petaled flowers with golden stamens. Flowers all season long.

pink miniature rose

Hot Tamale Yellow blend of yellow/orange.

This beautiful little miniature rose blooms non-stop all season.

It grows only 12-15" making it a perfect rose for growing in a container!

Ingrid Bergman This Hybrid Tea produces powerfully fragrant, dark red flowers. The red blooms are exceptional, and the color holds well even in hot climates. Rapid repeat bloom. This rose can grow tall, so give it a big pot!

~Best grown in a 20-25 gallon tub, pot, or half barrel

Little Flame Orange  blend colored rose.These big flowers last a long time. The bush grows 12-24"


Minnie Pearl Miniature High-centered light pink flowers with darker undersides. The color may fade in intense heat. Plants grow 12-24" tall.

 Outta the Blue Shrub rose that has really Big, gorgeous flowers that are a rich magenta color. The beautiful flowers appear in clusters. The flowers have a strong clove/rose fragrance. It needs a big pot!

 ~ Best in a 20 gallon container (zones 8-10 in a container)

Princess Anne David Austin rose is deep pink, and very fragrant. It is compact growing, and disease resistant. (pictured at top of page)

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