Growing Roses for Beginners

The Beginners Rose Growing Guide

growing roses for beginners

This guide to Growing Roses for Beginners, will teach you the shortcuts to successful rose gardening.

Learn how to grow roses in easy steps.

Discover the right method of caring for rosebushes, and get lots of beautiful blooms!

Roses are a bit more work than other flowers, but if you follow this easy 'Growing Roses Guide for Beginners', you TOO can grow some beautiful roses!

There are lots of good tips and advice on this site about growing healthy roses that produce lots of beautiful flowers.

Browse through the pages, and take notes as you go. Then bookmark this page as a reference!

Choose Wisely

Select first for your hardiness Zone Next decide on color, but keep in mind size and plant form.

 To ensure success with your roses, you must plant varieties that are hardy to your area, and are the right size for the spot you have in mind.

The Right Spot

  • Roses love (and) need the sun! a minimum of 6 hrs a day.
  • Roses need good, rich soil, that contains organic matter. It should be well-drained.
  • They need enough space for good air circulation. (This will keep their foliage dry, helping to resist disease.
  • Do not plant to close to roots of large shrubs or trees

Follow this guide for growing roses for beginners and enjoy beautiful roses!


If you get this right from the start, your roses will thrive! Its important to test the Ph ,and improve poor soil. Build the best Soil for Roses..

Fertilize and Water

Roses love water, and need plenty of it!. This growing roses for beginners guide will teach you that they need water all season long. Not light sprinklings, but a good long soaking at least once a week.

Look here to see how to water for the care of roses

Your roses will do well if you regularly use rose fertilizer. A well fed rose bush, will not only reach its full size, producing an abundance of flowers, but will also stay healthy to resist insect attacks and rose diseases.

Give them Plenty of Room

Don't crowd the plants. Leave plenty of room between plants, to allow room for fertilizing, pruning, and good air circulation. Consider the mature size of the bush when planting. (This is a common mistake made when growing roses for beginners.)

  • Hybrid Teas and Grandiflora's should be planted 2-21/2 feet apart (give them more room in warmer climates)
  • Miniatures should be planted 1-3 feet apart, depending on variety and climate
  • Floribunda's need 1 1/2 - 2 feet.
  • Shrub and old garden roses should be planted 5-6 feet apart, and twice that distance in warmer climates

Follow this easy spray guide for roses when spraying for pests and diseases. It will keep your plants beautiful all season!

Soil PH

The ultimate rose bush care, includes knowing your soils PH.

The PH of your soil will have a BIG impact on how well your roses do. The PH affects the rate at which plants absorb nutrients. Generally, they like soils that are within a range of 5.8 to 6.8.

I recommend you keep your soil at a bit higher ph level. 7.7 should be optimum! I tell you this because of some recent results I've seen with roses grown in a higher ph.

A low ph increases the chance of fungal infections on your rose plants. Fungi need an acidic environment to thrive, and die in an alkaline environment.

You can buy a test kit for testing your soil from a garden center.

Test your soil, and do some experimenting of your own, I'd love to hear results from my readers as to what ph they grow their roses in, and how well (or badly) they do. Don't forget to send us pictures! Here's the link to send to.

Buy Healthy Plants

My favorite way to buy rose plants, is through on-line rose nurseries. Roses can also be purchased Bare Root, or potted, but in my area (zone 5) I suggest that the BEST time to plant them is EARLY Spring. Later planting might not give the roots time to become established before winter.

Always buy healthy looking plants. Ones you see as "Bargain" plants that look half dead, are No Bargain They will most likely not survive to see another season!

More Growing Roses for Beginners Advice Planting

Planting correctly is very important. Don't plant during very hot weather. Be sure the rose has been well watered before planting, and be sure to water well after, and until the rose becomes established.

For complete instructions on planting roses look here.


Pruning is necessary to keep the plant flowering. Pruning can be confusing when growing roses for beginners, but a little practice will have you feeling like a pro.

  • ´╗┐Pruning enhances the look of the plant, and keeps it under control
  • Pruning dead flowers (dead heading)encourages the plant to produce more blooms
  • make the pruning cut at a 45 degree angle..more on
  • Growing roses for beginners involves Pruning Rose Bushes. For pruning your rose bushes, you will need a good pair of Gardening Gloves. Another necessity are good hand garden tools, like Pruners
  • Easy to Grow Roses There is a huge number of roses available that are very hardy and easy to grow roses Planting ones that are not only hardy but resist disease, will make your rose growing experience much better!

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