Growing Flowers From Seeds

Grow Your Own Flowers

Growing flowers from seeds can save you a bunch of money! And it's fun to do!

All you need are:

  •  The Seeds
  • A Growing Medium (potting soil)
  • Something to Grow them in
  • A Sunny spot
flowers to grow from seed

Growing Flowers From Seeds is Rewarding

Growing the flowers yourself doesn't have to be complicated. Nor does it need to cost you a lot of money.

You don't need a big greenhouse for growing flowers from seeds, all you really need is a sunny spot like a windowsill that gets plenty of sunshine.

Yes, you can buy seed starting trays like the following if you prefer;

You can even get fancier ones with heat mats for faster results.

Or you can be frugal and just use what you have on hand!

Some suggestions;

  • Styrofoam cups
  • Plastic Cups
  • Milk Jugs (leave the handle, cut off the top)
  • Any plastic container

(It's Important that what ever you use it has to have drainage holes in the bottom) So poke or cut holes in the cups or containers, then place the chosen (planters) on a tray (or something to collect the excess water).

Follow the planting directions on the package, be sure to water, and don't forget to label so you can identify the seedlings!

Be sure to keep the container watered but not soaking wet!

Some of the best potting mix....

Some of My Favorite Flowers to Grow From Seeds....

Starting the seeds now will give you a jump on the season and reward you with lots of beautiful flowers for the garden!

You can self-sow the seeds right in the garden once the weather is warm enough, or start the seeds indoors. (If you sow them directly in the garden, be sure to mark the spot so that you don't plant something over them, and it is very important to keep them watered!

The Morning Glories are one of my favorite vines, that I grow along with my climbing roses!

Many of these flowers are perfect for growing in planters....

Save yourself some money and try growing your own!


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