Ground Cover Roses

 GroundCover Carpet Roses

Ground Cover Roses grow low to the ground, spread out, and require very little to keep them beautiful. These groundcover carpet roses are ideal for a massed planting. They are hardy, no-fuss  low growing roses, that can spread 4-8 ft, depending on the variety. They can quickly cover an area with attractive blooms.

They bloom over a long period of time, with a wide variety of colors available. They have shallow, spreading roots that help prevent erosion, while also making the area a spot of beauty. Often Rambler roses will be used for this purpose, to help stabilize soil on slopes.

Carpet roses are noted for their lavish blooms, abundant healthy foliage, and good disease resistance.

Some of the favorite roses include the Meidiland series of roses. These are Floribunda roses that have a low growth habit, and are hardy, easy to care rose plants.

Some of the Best of these Roses

Baby Blanket Rose

ground cover roses Baby BlanketBaby Blanket

A real beauty! This is a super-floriferous ground cover rose with large, fragrant pink blooms.

'Baby Blanket' has everything you look for in a great rose of this type; Great disease resistance, superior heat tolerance, a compact spreading habit, and nonstop flowers all summer!

The flowers on this rose are the sweetest pink color!

bonica roseBonica

Bonica Rose

Bonica is a compact rose, growing just 3 to 5 feet high in mild climates (a bit shorter farther north, taller farther south and west), with a spread of about 4 feet.

It is upright and arching, with an excellent branching habit.

The blooms are a light, clear pink, and are formed in perfect hybrid tea symmetry. (stunning blooms)

These extremely disease-resistant roses are among the easiest roses to grow. Each Fantasy Rose will produce wonderful displays of prolific blooms that measure up to 3" across. They continue to bloom throughout the summer and into the fall. Plant them where they will get full sun and enjoy the blooms all season!

More Carpet Roses

Cape Cod Large, single petaled low growing roses are light pink flowers bloom profusely all summer. Hardy zones 4-10

Drift Series~

Popcorn Drift Double blooms, white . Grows less than 18" tall by 3' wide with a slight fragrance.

Peach Drift Double peach colored blooms. Grows less than 18" by 3' wide. slight fragrance

Electric Blanket Glowing coral/pink blooms in small clusters on short, strong stems. Repeat bloom is very fast. Bush spreads 3 feet across Hardy zones 4-10

Fire Meidiland Clusters of double, cupped dark red blooms. ground hugging, weed smothering. Vigorous, and extremely disease resistant. Grows 3' high by 3-4' wide. No fragrance

First Light

This light pink shrub rose has small single flowers and purple stamens, Hardy zones 5-9

Gourmet Popcorn These white miniature ground cover roses are very highly rated. Bears large clusters of white blooms. Hardy zones 4-10

Oso Easy Single pink with a white eye, come in flushes.Very strong fragrance! Grows 1-2' high, by 4-5' wide. Extreme disease resistance.

Pink Bells  Clusters of pink rosettes in a profusion of blooms. Slight fragrance. Once Blooming   Learn more...

Red Ribbons

red ribbons roseRed Ribbons

A very colorful rose! It requires so little care, that it is often used in street plantings! Small flowers (2 inches wide, with 17-25 petals) are born in clusters. The plants grow 2-3 feet tall, and can spread 4-5 feet in every direction. It would be best to space plants 8 feet apart for the best coverage. The foliage is glossy bright green, and impervious to disease. Although


is not necessary, you will get lots more blooms if you do. Hardy zones 4-10

Ruby Meidiland Clusters of ruby red double blooms with no fragrance. Grows 2-3' high by 3-4'wide.

Starry Night Always in bloom, this care-free ground cover rose bears huge clusters of single white flowers with golden stamens. Spreads 4-6 ft. hardy zones 4-10

Wedding Dress  New for 2015!

Beautiful White Roses by the armfuls!

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White Meidiland  Non stop, snow white double blooms. Grows 2' high by 6' wide. No fragrance. Disease free.

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