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Unusual Floribunda Roses

greensleeves roseGreensleeves

The Greensleeves rose, is a most unusual Floribunda rose that actually turns from pink to green!

That's right; the pink buds open to pink roses, that actually turn a unique green color! The bush is a conversation point in the garden, because you have both pink and green roses on it at the same time.

Actually, you have many different colored rose on it at all times, because the buds are dark pink, then the flowers open a lighter pink, and fade to an even lighter pink before turning green!

This is truly a very unique rose!

Type Floribunda

Hybridizer Jack Harkness (Britain) 1980

Blooms semidouble pink blooms turn green 9-16 petals, flowers are almost 3" across

Growth Habits Grows upright (height varies with climate)

Foliage bright green leaves, prickly

Fragrance  None

Hardy zones 6b -10b

greensleeves floribunda rose

More about the Greensleeves Rose...

Do you like to cut roses for the vase?

This rose is a favorite among flower arrangers. The pale pink flowers age to that amazing green color, and last a long time in the vase.

The dark buds are a dusty pink color that open out parchment color, before they fade to white, then finally the unusual shade of green. At this point, the stamens turn brown, and the green flowers with their wavy petals almost look fake.

The flowers appear in crowded clusters of up to 15.

It is best to cut them while young, (just before they are fully blown)and allow the green color to develop in the vase.

Don't worry...they will still change to green flowers in the vase, and they will last for days.

The blooms in the garden sometimes get spotty and/or blotchy.

The bush itself is not very pretty. (some use the word ugly) The plant is rather leggy, and susceptible to blackspot.

It can grow tall, especially in warmer areas, cooler areas that are able to grow it can expect it to get around 3-4' tall by 2-3' wide.

Greensleeves is repeat blooming and blooms in flushes throughout the season.

There is a climbing variety of the Greensleeves rose also available. The climbing sport is repeat flowering as well.

Parentage; 'Rudolph Timm' x Arthur Bell' x 'Piscalli'  x Elizabeth of Glamis' x 'Sabine' x 'Violette Dot'

Note from Carol; This is such an interesting rose! The pictures on this page were sent in from a reader in Africa. Thanks so much Lieb, for sharing the pictures of your rose !


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