Green Roses

Jade and Chartreuse Colored Roses

green roses

 Green roses, Jade roses, and Chartreuse roses have a unique color, with a very special meaning. At the present, there are not to many of these roses available. A few Miniatures, a Hybrid Tea, and a Floribunda are the only ones that come to mind.

Meaning of Green Roses

Did you know that flowers, and their colors have special meanings? From back in the Victorian era, when lovers would give flowers to convey hidden messages.

A Green Roses Symbolize:

  • Fertility- making them a nice gift for someone starting a family
  • Wealth, and Abundance-So they would be the perfect gift to congratulate someone who just received a promotion.
  • Symbol of Life and Growth- Making them great for get-well wishes.
  • They are a symbol of New Love, and New Beginnings- Making them very special for a Spring Wedding

Green Ice

Type Miniature

Hybridizer/Year Ralph Moore 1971

Growth Habits Vigorous, upright, and bushy dwarf, 12-16"

Blooms Buds are pastel pink, they open white, and then change to a soft green color. 40-plus petals 1-1 1/2"

Foliage Small, dark green, glossy,leathery

Fragrance None

Hardiness zone 6-10

Green ice is a lovely miniature rose that is excellent for hanging baskets. It has a somewhat sprawling,spreading growth that makes it nice for containers and baskets.

Tiny green-tinged full petal white blooms, open in a manner that resembles old garden roses.

Green Diamond

Type Miniature

Hybridizer Ralph Moore 1975

Growth Habits Grows 1'to 18"

Blooms Green-tinged blooms are double 17-25 petals. Pointed buds reveal 1" flowers.

Fragrance None

Hardiness Zone 5b-10

Grow in partial shade for best color. Blooms repeat in flushes all season


Type Floribunda

Hybridizer Harkness UK 1980

Blooms semi-double 9-16 petals The rose starts with pink buds that open to a lighter pink, that eventually turn green!

Growth Habits Grows 3'

Hardiness Zone 6b-10b

Blooms in flushes all season. Learn more about it..

St. Patrick

These Chartreuse roses are Hybrid Tea green colored roses. The buds slowly unfurl, revealing a yellow flower. In warmer temperatures, it becomes tinged with shades of green. It has long, upright stems with grey/green foliage.

Hybridizer: Frank Strickland/Weeks roses.

Rightly named "St. Patrick", these hybrid Tea roses would add something different to the reds, and pinks in the garden.

Be sure you are in the right planting zone to grow Hybrid Teas; (usually zone 6 and higher) More about St Patrick

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