Grandiflora Roses
Easy to Grow and Hardy Gardening Roses

Grandiflora roses, are a cross between Hybrid Teas and Floribundas.

These gardening roses are usually taller, and bloom in clusters, or trusses, rather than single blooms.

They produce a rose bush that can grow to a commanding height of 6-8 feet tall, making them perfect for the back of the garden.
Grandiflora's are wonderful roses for cutting.

The combination of the Hybrid tea and Floribunda together give the rose the best qualities of each.

The Hybrid tea side of the cross gives the rose bush beautiful, large flowered, high centered blooms, with long stems for cutting.

The Floribunda side of this cross, contributes clustered blooms, continual flowering, and hardiness.

Together, a Hybrid Tea, and Floribunda rose make for one fabulous Grandiflora Rose!~

View some Grandiflora roses below with growing information;

About Face

about face roseAbout Face

Creamy, golden orange with darker, bronz red underneath

Flowers are 4"

Light apple fragrance

High resistance to disease

Grows 5-6'

Anna's Promise

Golden tan with a pink blush and copper reverse

Flowers are 3 1/2- 4" across

 Moderate, fruity, spicy fragrance

Grows 5-6' tall

Upright bushes have deep glossy green leaves

Good disease resistance

Blooms prolifically

Apricot Nectar

apricot nectar grandiflora roseApricot Nector

The large, cupped double blooms on these Grandiflora roses are a wonderful shade of soft, almost velvety Apricot color.

This rose produces clusters of velvet blooms on a vigorous bush.

It grows 3 1/2 feet high and wide,the perfect rose shrub

The blooms have a strong fruity fragrance

Plant has glossy dark green foliage

Hardy zones 7-10

Arizona Rose

Arizona RoseArizona

Warm golden yellow with bronze orange color on this very beautiful Grandiflora. It has a strong rich fragrance, and makes great flowers for the vase.

A hardy rose, that performs well. It's hardiness zone is 4-9.


Warm orange, classic flowers open to show golden stamens.

Large, open clusters

Medium size bush, bushy growing

Good disease resistance

Light fragrance

AARS 1999


Apricot to orange with yellow at the base of the petals and touches of pink.

Medium size classic flowers come both singly and in clusters.

Bushy growing

Light fragrance

AARS 1994


Golden yellow with an occasional hint of ruby red

Flowers are 4 1/2-5" across

Grows 4-6'

Strong,sweet, spice fragrance

Vigorous, disease resistant

Great  garden, and cut flower

Cherry Parfait

grandiflora roses cherry parfaitCherry Parfait

Outstanding color on this rose! A white rose with cherry red edging. It is excellent for all climates it is zoned for (6-10).

A very disease resistant rose

Grows around 5 feet high by 2 feet wide.

more about Cherry Parfait

Crimson Bouquet

Velvety, deep red blooms come in clusters. The bush grows 4 1/2' high by 3' wide.

Blooms are 4' wide with 20& petals

Very disease resistant   Hardy zones 6-10

Dream Come True

grandiflora rose dream come trueDream Come True

This garden rose bush, has multi-hued flowers that are a blend of golden yellow flushed with red edges. No two flowers will look the same.

This Grandiflora is a real beauty!

The high centered flowers are borne in long-stemmed clusters that are perfect for cutting.

The tall plants tend to get leggy, so put them in the back, with a smaller plant in front of them!

It grows 5-7 feet  This rose has a mild fragrance

photo; Drew Avery

Dick Clark

Swirls of cream edged with cherry pink

Flowers are 4-5" across

Grows 4 1/2 - 5'

Moderate fragrance (Cinnamon spice)

Bushy, vigorous, good disease resistance

No two flowers alike!

Dream Come True

Yellow edged in ruby red

Flowers up to 5"

Grows 4-6'

Mild tea rose fragrance

Bushy, vigorous, exceptionally disease resistant

Long stems for cutting

Earth Song

grandiflora rose earth songEarth Song

The deep pink colored blooms on these Grandiflora roses,are large, and command attention.

The plants are very winter hardy, making them a good choice for cold climates.

This is a vigorous, upright bushy rose plant that can grow 5-6 feet

It is very disease resistant

photo courtesy Drew Avery


Hot pink blooms have great classic form. Borne in profusion, mostly singly.

Tall, spreading habit, vigorous

Excellent disease resistance

Moderate fragrance

AARS 1998

Fragrant Plum

Lavender, blushed purple blooms on long cutting stems.

Very intense fragrance!

Hardy zones 5-10

Gold Medal

gold medal roseGold Medal

This rose has outstanding golden yellow flowers, flushed with orange.

Disease resistant foliage

It grows 3-6 feet tall

This vigorous bush is a must for yellow rose fans!

It has a slight Fruity fragrance

Hardy Zones 6-10 

Gold Struck

Deep yellow

Hybrid tea form

Very disease resistant

Happy Go Lucky

Bright yellow

Old fashioned bloom form

Flowers are 5-6" across

Grows 3-5'

Moderate fruit and tea fragrance

Vigorous, bushy, disease resistant

Heart O Gold

heart o gold roseHeart o Gold

Rich golden centers, shading to hot pink in the center.

Grows 4-5 feet tall

This rose plant produces armloads of long stemmed blooms.

It is very disease resistant.

Sweet peaches/old rose fragrance

Hardy zones 4-10

photo courtesy of Flicker:Lulaboid

Learn more about this rose here.


grandiflora roses lagerfieldLagerfield

This pale lavender rose will supply you with plenty of cut flowers for the vase.

The beautiful high centered lavender booms grow in clusters of up to 10 in a bunch!

The flowers are stunning! Violet/mauve colored blooms with lush green leaves.

Very pretty in the garden!

read more about Lagerfeld Rose


Red Blend, with double blooms

Only a slight fragrance

Grows to around 4'

Maria Shriver

Fully double, pure white

Flowers are 4-6" across

Plant grows 4-5'

Strong, citrus fragrance

Clusters of flowers above long cutting stems

Melody Parfumee

Deep plum flowers soften to rich lavender

Flowers 4-5" across

Strong, sweet fragrance

Grows 4-5'


New Year

new year roseNew Year

New Year Grandiflora, is one festively colored rose plant of red and orange.

The colors combines like the flames of a camp fire. It is super disease resistant and has shapely buds and blooms. No wonder it's a Growers Choice.

It grows bushy and full

The fragrance is fruity

Learn more about New Year Rose

Pink Parfait

This delicious rose is a pink blend, with semi-double blooms.

Only a slight fragrance on this one,

Grows to around 4'


prominent roseProminent

The glowing florescent orange blooms are a standout in the garden!

Small blooms appear singly or in sprays.

It grows 3-4 feet

The blooms have just a slight fragrance

photo courtesy Drew Avery

Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose

Queen Elizabeth RoseQueen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, the finest Grandiflora with a profusion of pleasing pink buds and large blooms on long stemmed clusters. An easy rose to grow and love. The cup-shaped blooms are loose and lightly tea scented. They are born on long,nearly thorn-less stems.The blooms come both as a single bloom, and sometimes in clusters. This rose is often considered the prototype of the perfect Grandiflora.

They make excellent cut flowers.

The color is clear pink. It grows tall, and upright.

The fragrance is Moderate, tea

The bloom size is Medium to large, and double

Read more about Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora...

Reba McIntyre

Large, classic, red/orange blooms

Light fragrance

 Medium size, compact bushy

Flowers are both single, and in sprays

Gold Medal-New Zealand

named for the country singer!


Med size, classic soft pink with hints of salmon and amber

Borne in large sprays

Medium size bush-Spreading

Gold Medal Louisiana 1985

Bred by amateur breeder Thomas McMillian

More Grandiflora Roses


octoberfest grandiflora roseOctoberfest

Large Grandiflora roses, with blooms that are a unique blend of autumn colors. Tones of Orange-red, and cream are a stand-out in the garden. These blooms have a slight to moderate fragrance,but don't let that keep you from planting them, paired next to yellow or orange roses they are stunning.

Planting idea Plant them in a round bed surrounded with lower yellow or orange roses, then edge the bed with white allyssum.

Colors seem brighter in cooler weather. Glossy green leaves begin as red shoots.

Tall, upright bush grows to 6 feet.

Pretty as shrub roses.

Radiant Perfume

Deep yellow

Flowers are 4-5" across

Strong, citrus fragrance

Grows 5-6'

Long cutting stems

Rock & Roll

Stripes and splashes of burgundy red and white, with a cream reverse

Flowers 4-6"

Grows 4-5'

Strong rose fragrance

High centered blooms, no two alike!

Compact, bushy, disease resistant

Strike it Rich

Deep golden yellow spun with orange pink.

Lots of blooms with a Spicy fragrance

Grows 4 1/2' wide x 4' tall

The 5" blooms have 30 petals

Very disease resistant

Hardy zones 6-10

Tahitian Treasure

Deep, salmon pink cupped blooms

Flowers are 4-5"

Slight fragrance

Grows 5 - 5 1/2'

Flowers continually, extremely disease resistant

Upright, bushy plants

Tournament of Roses

Two-toned pink blooms have perfect form.

This is one of the more outstanding Grandiflora roses, blooming profusely.

Learn more here.

 Twilight Zone  Spicy clove and lemony citrus fragrance on this magenta-purple colored rose. 4-5” blooms have old fashioned, fully double flowers.  The 4-5’ disease resistant bushes have semi glossy foliage. Repeat-blooming.

Waiheke  A pink colored rose with hints of orange. Medium to large size blooms have wavy petals, and a spicy fragrance. Learn more....

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