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granada roseGranada

The Granada rose is very fragrant, with the most unique coloring. These Hybrid tea roses will look a bit different in different climates. It is a rose with a very unique color combination!

Temperate zones will have a wonderful combination of rose-pink and lemon-yellow, with a blend of nasturtium red, gold, red, peach and apricot. This orange/red colored rose, has a lemon yellow color deep in it's center. You'll discover a real circus of colors on the Granada rose!

You'll also appreciate the heady damask and spice fragrance of the blooms.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Linquist (USA) 1964

Blooms Classic blooms have a combination of colors that are rose-pink- lemon-yellow, and blends of red, yellow, gold and peach. Flowers are 4-5" across, with 24& petals

Growth Habits grows 3/ 1/2' x 3' wide

Foliage dark green leaves have a leathery, crinkled appearance.

Fragrance Rose/Clove fragrance

Awards AARS 1964, Gamble Fragrance award 1968

Hardy Zone


This large-flowered hybrid tea rose bears it's roses sometimes singly, but mostly in a wide "cluster" of roses. Flowers form a high center, and old blooms are loosely cupped.

The initial generous flush of flowers makes the best display, but the bush does continue to produce flowers Summer through Fall.

Urn shaped buds become large, double, perfectly formed 4-5" spicy scented flowers that are produced on long stems perfect for cutting. The strong, rose/clove fragrance is wonderful. Any rose with an award in fragrance, is sure to be richly scented.

And what color it displays! This rose is a classic among Hybrid Teas. The color combination of the "Granada" rose is delightful. This rose bush will really add color to your garden. And a bouquet of these roses will add beauty and delicious scent inside the house.

Granada is sometimes prone to powdery Mildew, but other-wise it is considered a very disease resistant rose. It is however not reliably winter hardy.

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