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golden unicorn roseGolden Unicorn

The Golden Unicorn rose is one of the many hardy shrub roses produced by the hybridizer Griffith Buck.

His roses are known for their hardiness, and this one is also winter hardy in the state of Iowa without any protection.

As the name suggests, the color of the rose is a peachy gold. The edges sometime have a coral-salmon color to them.

Rose bush

The long pointed orange buds on these Buck roses are tinged with vermillion, and open to 4" double blooms in a hybrid tea form. As they open, they turn a deep apricot color. However, once fully open, they fade to cream color with pink edges, with only a slight suggestion of yellow at the center. Once fully open, the cupped shape shows off the pretty orange stamens.

Flowers can be singles, or as many as seven to a cluster. Usually this bush produces LOTS of generous clusters (see picture).

The pretty rose flowers open at different times, giving the cluster a look of different colored blooms on the cluster.

The flowers have a deliciously sweet honey fragrance.

More about Golden Unicorn Rose..

Type  Shrub Rose

Hybridizer  Griffith Buck (u.s.) 1984

Blooms   Hybrid tea form Apricot Yellow blooms are 4" across, with 20-25 petals

Foliage   Lush, Dark Green foliage with lots of prickles (thorns)

Growth Habits  Vigorous growing, Bushy, 3-4'high by 3' wide

Fragrance   sweet,honey fragrance

Hardy Zone  zones 4/5 - zone 10

As with most yellow roses, the Golden Unicorn produces the richest colors in cooler weather.

Golden Unicorn becomes a very vigorous, strong growing rosebush that is bushy, very hardy, and even tolerant of poor soils.

Oh, and did I mention Very disease resistant? It's that too!

It has lush, dark green leaves and very prickly stems.

It has very good repeat (continual bloom) and keeps the flowers coming until the first frost of winter.

I find the color very unique on this rose; It's not really yellow, yet is a blend of both apricot and yellow. It's one of my favorite colors for pairing with pink roses.

How it got it's name..

Griffith Buck was a US Paratrooper in World War II, and 'Golden Unicorn' was the name of his division.

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