Golden Chain Tree

Small Ornamental Yellow Flowering Tree

golden chain treeGolden Chain

The Golden Chain Tree (Laburnum) is a very unique tree to grow in your yard or garden.

Here you'll find pictures and growing needs for this yellow flowering tree.

The lovely Golden Chain (Laburnum Tree) is one of the most beautiful of the small ornamental flowering trees.

The bright yellow flowers hang in pendulous clusters in late Spring.

These small ornamental trees are deciduous. They do best in zones 5b to 8.

The very attractive yellow blooms come in long clusters up to 20 inches long.

Laburnum (Golden Chain)

laburnum flowers

This tree grows in my yard. These pictures of it, are ones I recently took.

As you can see, this Spring it was very beautiful.

As I stood before it taking the pictures, I was serenaded by the hum of the Bumble bees that were enjoying the beautiful blossoms!

(Don't forget, bees are great pollinators for your flowers, so the more you have in your garden the better!)

Information on the Golden Chain Tree

This beautiful Tree with the golden bract flowers grows 15-30 feet high. I guess mine is at that now. It grows best in sun, or semi-shade where summers are hot.

It is best to plant them in an area where they will be protected from winds, because they uproot easily in a heavy storm. I planted mine near the potting shed, close to the house for that reason.(I also wanted it close enough, that I could enjoy it everyday while the blossoms were out.)

They like well-drained acid or alkaline soils.

They have three-parted leaves, and gorgeous yellow flowers that produce a wonderful show of color in late Spring. The flowers remind me of Wisteria blossoms.

Special Note; The flowers, seeds and Foliage (all parts) of this tree are poisonous if eaten!!

Young trees perform well, but sometimes decline as they reach middle age. They require no special attention, and pruning is only done to remove branches that cross (rub) or to keep the tree attractive. I give mine no special fertilizer, yet it grows and blooms fantastic!

When I ordered it, it was quite small, and my Husband made a comment about "that little stick growing into a tree"?? But just yesterday, he commented on how Beautiful a tree it was!

My tree grows upright, and doesn't have a wide spread, but generally the shape is to grow wider.

  The 'Golden Chain' tree is quite a conversation piece in my yard. Almost everyone wants to know "What kind of tree" it is, and comment on how beautiful it is. As you walk near it, you can't help but touch the lovely blossoms to see if they are for real.

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