Golden Celebration Rose

Yellow English Roses

The Golden Celebration Rose is a glorious shrub/Climber that bears the most beautiful rich yellow colored blooms with really huge flowers.

Actually the flowers could be described as more "golden" than yellow. These magnificent David Austin roses are one of the largest flowered of the English roses. The giant sized blooms are in the form of full-petalled cups that are quite beautiful. The fully double flowers with 40 and more petals are produced in clusters.

These yellow roses have a wonderful growing habit, and as a shrub rose, the Golden Celebration rose will form a nicely rounded, slightly arching shrub.

It repeats flowers well, and will keep you in blooms all season long.

Type English Shrub/Climbing Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 1992 (United Kingdom)

Growth Habits A shrub rose bush that can grow 4 1/2’ tall, and 4 1/2 ‘wide, as a shrub, and 8- 10’ as a climber

Blooms Rich golden yellow colored blooms are full petalled, with around 75 petals Flowers are cup shaped, and huge.

Foliage Dark glossy green foliage

Fragrance Strong, Citrus fragrance

Awards 2010 Grand Champion South Australian Rose Society Show

Hardy zone zones 5-10

It is a very easy rose to grow, and for those in colder climates, it has good winter hardiness. The yellow buds have darker, almost stripes of color in them.

You can also grow these David Austin roses as a climbing rose bush. When allowed to climb, this rose can reach a height of 8-10 feet.

This one "Golden Celebration", is one of the most popular of the yellow colored Austin roses. With such large, beautiful, and fragrant flowers it's easy to see why!

The beautiful blooms are very fragrant, and start off smelling like 'old rose', and then turning to a wonderful fruity fragrance with hints of citrus or lychee.

If you have something special to celebrate, why not plant this rose to mark the special event or Celebration? It will light up your garden like a 'ray of sunshine'

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