Gold Glow Rose

Yellow Hybrid Tea Roses

The Gold Glow Rose, produces beautiful yellow Hybrid Tea Roses. Fading causes the bright yellow flowers to appear more golden in the center, causing them to "glow".

As the flowers age, they fade from a lemon yellow,to a creamy yellow, or even white. The fading on the Gold Glow rose, begins with the outer petals, giving the inside petals a charming contrast between light and dark yellow.

The flowers on these yellow rose bushes are very full. They have 120 ruffled edged petals that open up like a dahlia flower.

They are occasionally quilled, in the old fashioned flower style.

The flowers are borne singly, or sometimes in clusters of up to four. The yellow blooms are medium to large sized. They have a lovely, moderate to strong fruity fragrance.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Anthony Perry 1959

Blooms Bright Yellow Flowers are 4” across, with 120 petals

Growth Habits Upright, vigorous Can reach 4’ by 3’

Foliage large, dark green, glossy, leathery

Fragrance moderate/strong fragrance

Hardy Zone zone 7-10

These Hybrid Tea rose bushes (Gold Glow Rose) forms a bush that grows upright, and vigorous, with a generous amount of glossy, dark green foliage. The dark green leaves on this rose bush are a nice contrast to the bright yellow blooms.

If you are in the right climate to grow Hybrid Tea roses, and are looking for a yellow variety, give this one a look.

It is a healthy, vigorous, sturdy bush that repeats it's cycle of flowers quickly, giving you a generous amount of yellow/gold colored flowers.

The bush is almost continually in flower. This Hybrid Tea rose blooms in flushes all season. The lovely flowers fade faster in hot weather.

It is common for yellow colored roses to fade in the sun, but these have a uniqueness (a glow) that adds to their charm.

This is a lovely large-flowered Hybrid Tea rose that was bred in the United States by an American amateur. (Anthony Perry)

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