George Burns Rose

Striped Floribunda Roses

The George Burns Rose, is a rose with a gleeful, comical looking flower. The blooms are striped Floribunda roses that are yellow, with pink, scarlet, and cream, in an irregular striped pattern.

The George Burns rose has cheerful colors of lemon yellow, that fade to cream, that are splashed with scarlet or pink stripes. There is no other color but cream on the backs of the petals.

The bush is low-growing, and repeats flowers well.The flowers come in small clusters. This magic looking rose bush, repeat its bloom in flushes all season.

These are Floribunda roses, that are as colorful as the comedian they were named for. "George Burns" (1896-1996)

Information about 'George Burns" Rose

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Carruth 1996

Blooms lemon yellow, fading to cream, and splashed with red or pink stripes. With yellow centers. Flowers are 3 1/2” across, with 26-40 petals

Growth Habits Upright, Medium, Compact Vigorous grower, that can reach 3-3 1/2’

Foliage large dark green, glossy

Fragrance Moderate fragrance, Fruity

Hardy Zone 3-10

As the flowers open out, they take on a distinctive ruffled shape. They are beautiful, sweetly scented, striped roses, that appear in clusters of 3-11 flowers, on a compact, yet sturdy rose bush.

When the temperature is cooler, the blooms appear more yellow. When temperatures are warmer/hot, the flowers will have more stripes. This rose blooms in flushes throughout the growing season,with clusters of very interesting roses.

It seems no two flowers are exactly alike on these striking Floribunda roses. They will make a colorful statement in the garden. Their unique bloom color, compact growth, and flirty, ruffled blooms, would fit into most landscape situations.

The plant is heavily armed with thorns (prickles), on a medium, yet compact bush.

Plant in groups and make a statement in the garden! Use this rose in : Rose garden, flower beds, borders, as cut flowers.

It is a very striking rose!

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