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geoff hamilton rose

The Geoff Hamilton rose, are beautiful pink colored David Austin English roses.

The color of this rose is a soft, warm pink, with the outer ring of petals a paler color than the outer petals that are perfectly arranged.

This is a very free flowering, and good repeating rose, with cupped rounded rose flowers, that appear either singly, or in small clusters on pretty long stems.

The 'Geoff Hamilton' rose reminds me of the beautiful cabbage roses. It has those globular shaped blooms that are very full of petals. Around 110) It is a very free flowering rose, giving you lots of those beautiful roses.

Since the bush has very few thorns, picking bouquets is easy! And pick them you should; they are not only beautiful, but fragrant as well, with that old rose scent that most rose gardeners love. (Myself included!)

Type  English Shrub Roses

Hybridizer David Austin (Ausham 1997)

Blooms  Warm pink, with approximately 110 petals  blooms are about 3 1/2" across

Foliage  Med green, (almost thorn-less)

Growth Habits Rounded, bushy growth habit It grows 4' high by 3' wide

Fragrance  Light to medium- Old rose fragrance

Hardy zones  5-10

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The delicate looking, soft pink flowers on theses David Austin English roses are cupped at first, with the outer ring of petals drooping back and fading to white as they age. (the warmer the climate the whiter those outer petals become)

The flowers appear in small clusters, and are in the beautiful old-fashioned form. They are globular in shape, with a rounded bloom form.

The shape is beautiful, with each petal forming a perfect rosette. It has masses of tiny petals cupped within larger guard petals.

This English shrub rose blooms in flushes all season, on medium, compact rose plants.

This exceptionally disease resistant rose is a strong, healthy grower.

The lovely fragrance on Geoff Hamilton is a spicy/mint fragrance, with a hint of apple.

This bushy growing rose bush is quite tough, reliable, hardy, and disease resistant.

And....They make very good flowers for a cutting vase!

This rose was named in memory for an English gardening television host.

If you like the English roses...take a look at this one, it may be just what your looking for! (if you take care of this rose, it will never be without flowers all season!)

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