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gazebo with flowers

Ahh... The Gazebo! the finishing touch to any garden!!

This lovely garden structure, is a dream come true for many gardeners.

It is a thing of beauty. Sitting in the center of the garden. It draws you in, making you want to sit and relax, or just stand and gaze out into the garden.

Or maybe you want yours tucked in a more secluded spot in the shade.

They are wonderful in any garden,whether the focal point, or just a great place to socialize!

This garden structure can host a formal wedding, or provide a quiet setting for a garden party.

What ever style you choose, be assured that it will have an unmistakable look and presence in your garden, no matter if you are in it looking out, or outside looking at it!

Where you place it, in the garden is just as important. When seen from a distance, you get a feeling of being drawn to it.

It should be as secluded as practical, so consider placing it in the back of the garden, rather than the front. A nice brick walk-way or path, leading to it would be nice.

gazebo designs

This elegant architecture, makes the garden much more inviting! Make sure you chose one large enough for your expectations of it. It should be able to house a table, and enough chairs for your intended guests.

Built-in benches, would give you a cozy spot for relaxing. Many a bride has been photographed in one.

About Gazebos

The open framework and decorative trim make up the classic design.

There can be 6,8,10 or 12 sides to the design, all allowing a 360-degree view.

The classic structure allows open framework, decorative trim, and a cupola on the top.


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