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Learn how to be rid of gardening pests, and kill Japanese beetles, organically.

There is nothing more frustrating than to go out to your garden and find bugs on roses. In some areas, these garden pests are considered the worst rose pests of the garden.

The Japanese Beetle insects spend the winter as larvae in the soil. In late Spring, or early summer, the mature beetles fly to the roses and feed on the flowers, buds, and leaves.

Punctured flower buds fail to open, and flowers are devoured. Leaves are left skeletonized. Garden bugs such as the Japanese Beetle pest, will seriously damage the flowers and foliage, if you don't stop them.

You can stop these gardening pests in their tracks! Kill Japanese beetles with an Organic Insect Spray that contains pyrethins and canola oil. It is so nice to be able to find and use environmentally responsible gardening products that work, and I am happy to pass this knowledge on to my readers.

Japanese Beetle Gardening Pests Information

The metallic green beetle Japanese will grow up to 1/2 inch long.You could actually say they are attractive bugs on roses, but their damage is how-ever not attractive.

The female beetles will lay their eggs in the flowers or in the soil, in late summer or early fall. The larve emerge and crawl down into the soil where they spend the winter. Come Spring, the hungry, mature beetle pests find your roses the perfect feeding spot!

Japanese Beetles are not a problem in all states. They are widely populated in the eastern U.S. and in other scattered regions. These bugs pest, continue to migrate to new areas.

In my area (zone 5) these beetle pests are a serious problem. I find that I find more rose beetles on roses that are light colored roses, especially pink ones.

I have found that an all organic spray is a very effective method of Beetle killer without using harsh chemicals. When you use chemicals in your garden that are Not Organic, you risk killing the "good bugs' of your garden, as well as harming Butterflies and birds such as Hummers.

A daily inspection of the roses, and picking bugs by hand, and dropping them in a bucket of (soapy water, hot water....) is another method of insect pest control to deal with the little (buggers).

I find that the first thing in the morning while they are still a bit slow is the best way to grab them. In the heat of the day, they are better at escaping your grasp.

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