Gardening Flowers Plants Trees

gardening flowers plants trees

Need advice on gardening flowers plants trees for the picture perfect garden? When you want a lovely, colorful garden, you need to add some perennial flowers, as well as other plants, and trees. Gardens are all about color and balance. Scroll down for my suggestions (with pictures) and a list of flowers to consider.

Tips for Creating a Great Garden..

  • Keep in mind bloom time, as well as the mature size of the plant.
  • When building your rose garden, or any flower garden, you should make it a gradual process, always looking at "The big picture" of what the finished garden will be.
  • A common mistake (and one I myself is guilty of) is planting gardening flowers plants trees to close to one another. Be sure you give them plenty of room to grow and spread, without crowding each other.

You especially don't want to plant shrubs or trees (too) close to the rose bushes. You want them there in the area of the garden, but not so close as to cause shade, or crowd the rose bushes.

  • Adding a variety of gardening flowers plants trees to the garden, can be an enjoyable process, that sometimes becomes trial and era, so begin with this list of flowers and find some perennial flowers, shrubs, and a tree or two (depending on your garden size) to compliment your garden.

View this helpful list of gardening flowers plants trees

I've listed some of the most popular varieties that are favored by other gardeners. Some of them you can purchase...simply click the 'buy now' button.


june roses

You'll find lots of them on this site"All about rose gardening". They can add so... much to your garden! Search for Specific ones Here.

 Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Unique Characteristics: Deepest of the purple colors, outstanding color, long blooming season, abundant flowers. Attractive fragrant flower spikes that attract butterflies in droves. Resists atmospheric pollution.
Great addition to your list of gardening flowers plants and trees to brighten up the garden!

pink weigela shrub

The, Weigela Shrub also known as (Cardinal Shrub) is a great attention-getting shrub. It loves to show off its trumpet shaped flowers

. In late spring/early summer the flowers simply cover the bush from top to bottom.

Colors range from red, pink, white, and ruby.

Learn more about the amazing Weigela Shrub and see the ones in my garden.......


The Fragrant Lavender is a perennial that is world famous for its dried flower spikes that fill drawers and sachets with a spicy, long-lasting fragrance. Its pretty, lavender-colored flowers are born on slender, long-stemmed spikes that frown p to 3' tall. Fragrant Lavender is a good plant for flowerbeds and low hedges. Add color, beauty and fragrance to gardens from June until autumn.


A profusion of flowers covers these low-growing perennial flowers. Multiplies rapidly. Ideal for edging a sunny border. Space 12" apart. Reaches heights of 8-12" tall. Campanula carpatica

Zones: 3-8 - Full sun - Deer tend to avoid

Many of these gardening flowers plants trees are resistant to deer. Deer can be a big problem for some gardeners.

More deer resistant plants

Golden Chain Tree

Read more about this tree..(and see pictures of mine)

This graceful tree flaunts deep red, finely cut foliage in spring and summer that turns even brighter in the fall! Grows 15-25' tall with a similar spread. 2-3' trees. Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum

Zones: 5-8 -  Full sun to partial shade

More Gardening Flowers Plants Trees

small pink crab apple

A wonderful spring blooming flowering tree that produces masses of lovely blooms. Small trees have flowers in shades of white, pink, and nearly red shades.

Even young trees bloom profusely, adding a burst of color to the garden for weeks in early spring.

Crab apples produce decorative fruit, that makes winter food for birds.

weeping cherry tree

 The  Weeping Cherry Tree  is one of the most beautiful ornamental landscaping trees.

This beautiful tree will grace your garden with delicate weeping branches that arch toward the ground.

Each Spring the tree explodes into a fountain of beautiful pink or white blossoms. In full bloom, it is simply a breath-taking sight!

If your yard or garden needs a Splash of Spring color, be sure to check this one out.

It grows in many different climates.

I can't think of a more beautiful Spring flowering tree!

Goats Beard

When searching for more gardening flowers plants trees to add to the garden, this tall, elegant perennial gracefully fills in the back of borders.

Creamy-white plumes and alternate, toothed leaves give it a feathery, light appearance. Use the late spring to early-summer flowering blooms in fresh or dried arrangements.

Carefree native plants grow to 4-5' tall in full sun to full shade. Plant 3-4' apart. Deer tend to avoid. Zones 3-7. Aruncus dioicus

Lilies are beautiful in the garden, and Love the sun! Check out the great price on these (under a dollar each!) They return each year!

Nature Hills Banner

You should also consider the lovely bright yellow Spring Blooming

Forsythia Bush

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