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Keed advice on gardening flowers plants trees for the picture perfect garden? When you want a lovely, colorful garden, you need to add some perennial flowers, as well as other plants, and trees. Gardens are all about color and balance. Scroll down for my suggestions (with pictures) and a list of flowers to consider.

Keep in mind bloom time, as well as the mature size of the plant. When building your rose garden, or any flower garden, you should make it a gradual process, always looking at “The big picture” of what the finished garden will be. A common mistake (and one I myself is guilty of) is planting gardening flowers plants trees to close to one another. Be sure you give them plenty of room to grow and spread, without crowding each other.

You especially don’t want to plant shrubs or trees (too) close to the rose bushes. You want them there in the area of the garden, but not so close as to cause shade, or crowd the rose bushes.

Adding a variety of gardening flowers plants trees to the garden, can be an enjoyable process, that sometimes becomes trial and era, so begin with this list of flowers and find some perrenial flowers, shrubs, and a tree or two (depending on your garden size) to compliment your garden.

Adonis Tall Hybrid Phlox

Adonis Tall Hybrid Phlox

Adonis Tall Hybrid Phlox has brilliant, bright red blooms and a sweet fragrance. A must for your border or as the cornerstone of a summer perennial garden. These prolific hybrids bloom from midsummer to early fall. Dozens of dainty, fragrant florets cover each 5-6″ flower head with dazzling color. Strong 24-40″ stems. Space 18-24″ apart.

Phlox paniculata

Zones: 4-8 – Full sun to partial shade – Deer resistant

Belladonna Delphinium

Statuesque, 36-48″ spires are covered with light blue 1 to 1 1/2″ double florets in late spring to early summer. Delphinium x belladonna

Zones: 3-9 – Full sun to partial shade – Deer tend to avoid

Unique Characteristics: Grown for their showy spikes of blue gardening flowers. The belladonna group of plants has spikes that are more loose and branched than the Elatum group which ar

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

 Graceful trusses smothered with dark purple flowers attract flocks of butterflies. Long blooming season, midsummer into autumn. 6-10′ tall with a similar spread. Buddleia davidii ‘Black Knight’

Zones: 4-9 – Shipped in 4″ pot – Full sun – Deer tend to avoid

Unique Characteristics: Deepest of the purple colors, outstanding color, long blooming season, abundant flowers. Attractive fragrant flower spikes that attract butterflies in droves. Resists atmospheric pollution. Great addition to your list of gardening flowers plants and trees to brighten up the garden!

The Weigela shrub also known as (Cardinal Shrub) is a great attention-getting shrub. It loves to show off its trumpet shaped flowers. In late spring/early summer the flowers simply cover the bush from top to bottom.

Colors range from red, pink, white, and ruby.

Learn more about the amazing Weigela Shrub and see the ones in my garden…….

Blue Fragrant Lavender

Blue Fragrant Lavender

 Lavender’s enticing aroma and unique beauty combine to captivate admirers, including butterflies. Fragrant plants form neat, 18-24″ mounds. Blooms midsummer to fall. Dry the flowers to enjoy indoors. Lavender’s enticing aroma and unique beauty combine to captivate admirers, including butterflies. Lavandula angustifolia

Zones: 5-8 – Full Sun to Partial

Campanula White Cloud

Campanula White Cloud

 A profusion of flowers covers these low-growing perrenial flowers. Multiplies rapidly. Ideal for edging a sunny border. Space 12″ apart. Reaches heights of 8-12″ tall. Campanula carpatica

Zones: 3-8 – Full sun – Deer tend to avoid

Many of these gardening flowers plants trees are resistant to deer. Deer can be a big problem for some gardeners.

More deer resistant plants

Carpet Border Lily Starlight Express®

Carpet Border Lily Starlight Express<sup>®</sup>

 Each 14-16″ high stem is covered with up to 15 large buds that produce fragrant rose-colored flowers in mid to late summer. Petals are attractively outlined in white. All lilies will increase in beauty each year. Pick a few to enjoy indoors. 16-18 cm bulbs. Lilium ‘Showwinner’

Zones: 3-8 – Full Sun to Partial Shade

Unique Characteristics: Perrenial flowers on short sturdy stems make them a perfect selection along walkways. Rewarding to grow, increasing yearly in number and elegance. Nice choice for gardening flowers plants trees to spice up the garden)

Empress Tree

Empress Tree

 This rapid-growing tree from China, similar to catalpa in texture, is well known for its broad crown of large, light green leaves. The Empress Tree can grow as much as 15 feet in a year and reach 45 feet in 4-5 years. Lavender-blue, foxglove-like blooms are an added delight in mid spring. Very tolerant of air pollution. Paulownia tomentosa

Zones: 4-10 – Shipped in 4″ Pot – Full Sun to Partial Shade

Unique Characteristics: Rapid growing trees (similar to Catalpa in texture). Can provide shade in a hurry. Known for its large leaves and foxglove-like flowers. 45′ in 4-5 years. Can grow as much as 15′ in a year. If you want a tree that gets large and grows fast- this is it!

More info on the Royal Empress Tree

Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree

 One of the few yellow-flowering trees for gardens! Small 20 to 30′ tall gem is decked with golden pendants of perfumed, wisterialike blooms in late spring. Graceful near entryways and in lawns. Fabulous as a specimen tree. Space 20-25′ apart. 2-3′ trees. Laburnum alpinum

Zones: 4-8 – Full Sun to Partial Shade – Deer tend to avoid. I have this tree, and I love it! The flowers are spectacular!

Read more about this tree..(and see pictures of mine)

Japanese Red Maple

 This graceful tree flaunts deep red, finely cut foliage in spring and summer that turns even brighter in the fall! Grows 15-25′ tall with a similar spread. 2-3′ trees. Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum

Zones: 5-8 – Sh Full sun to partial shade

I have this tree also, the red leaves are a nice contrast!

Purple Smoke Tree

 Highly decorative and exceptionally hardy shrub adds interest to any sunny area of the garden! Huge fluffy clouds of rich reddish purple adorn this fabulous ornamental shrub in mid to late summer and won’t fade in the sun. Striking purplish-black foliage adds interest throughout the year. A natural choice for adding striking beauty to entryways. Makes a wonderful focal point planting, too. Reaches heights of 10-15′ with an equal spread. 2′ bareroot. Cotinus coggygria var. purpurea

While searching for more gardening flowers plants trees for my garden, I decided on this smoke tree and added it to a back corner of my rose garden, I have a nice statue in front of it that looks great!

More Gardening Flowers Plants Trees

Josee Reblooming Lilac

Josee Reblooming Lilac

 At just 4-6′ tall with a 4-5′ spread, this delightful dwarf is perfect for borders, hedges or as a stand-alone specimen. After the first heavy bloom in late spring, given adequate moisture, it will continue to flower intermittently all summer long until frost! Fragrant blooms attract butterflies. Fragrant lavender-pink blooms attract butterflies. Unsurpassed for bouquets! Syringa ‘Josee’ Consider this shrub for the back or edge of the rose garden when searching for gardening flowers plants trees. (or plant a whole row! They make a striking hedge)

Kaleidoscope Hydrangea Collection

Kaleidoscope Hydrangea Collection

 Spectacular is the only way to describe the Kaleidoscope® Series Hydrangeas developed in Holland and available exclusively in America from Spring Hill Nurseries. They open in mid-summer with gorgeous pastel pink blooms, which change to striking lemon green before eventually creating a dramatic garden display of cherry red. Often during their four to six weeks of blooming, all three colors will be seen at the same time amidst Kaleidoscope’s lustrous dark green leaves.

Kaleidoscope® Hydrangeas love partial shade, so they’ll bring beauty to many spots around your home. They make excellent container plants for your deck, patio, along walks or beside your entrance. They’re easy to plant, require only minimum care, and grow 3′ tall in cooler climates; 5-6′ in milder areas. They spread out to a width similar to their height. Extremely hardy, they’ll grow more expansively and return to create their spectacular color show year after year.

The massive blooms make striking bouquets and can be dried for floral arrangements.

Hydrangea Tree bears huge flower heads

dried so you can enjoy their beauty all year long.

Flowering Crab Tree

A wonderful spring blooming flowering tree that produces masses of lovely blooms. Small trees have flowers in shades of white, pink, and nearly red shades.

Even young trees bloom profusely, adding a burst of color to the garden for weeks in early spring.

Crab apples produce decorative fruit, that makes winter food for birds.

See more pictures of Flowering Crab Tree

A few more gardening flowers plants trees

Lord Baltimore Hardy Perennial Hibiscus (Red)

Lord Baltimore Hardy Perennial Hibiscus (Red)

 Brilliant flowers stretch 6-12″ wide from midsummer to fall, giving your garden a tropical feel. Blooms grace plants that are more compact than other hibiscus at 3-6′ tall and 3-4′ across. Butterflies love it! Ideal for hedges, screens, borders and cottage gardens. Wonderful plant for adding more gardening flowers plants trees to the garden. Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Lord Baltimore’

Zones: 4-10 – Full sun to Partial shade

Unique Characteristics: Strong, woody-based perennial stems with large downy, rounded or toothed leaves. More compact size than other hibiscus. Large blooms with a tropical flare sometimes reach a width of 12″ in ideal conditions.

Dwarf Burning Bush

Dwarf Burning Bush

 This low-care shrub is famed for its showy foliage, which turns a fiery crimson in fall. Mature shrubs are 6′ high and 6-10′ wide, although easily trimmed to any height. Corky bark adds winter interest. Makes an elegant hedge! Most gardening flowers plants trees have some unique characteristics: This shrub has very attractive fall foliage. Lush green foliage all growing season turns a brilliant red in fall. Rounded growth habit and dense branching and leaves make this shrub a good choice for use as a hedge. Corky ridges on the stems give it an interesting appeal for the winter months.

Weeping Cherry Tree

One of the most beautiful ornamental landscaping trees. This tree will grace your garden with delicate weeping branches that arch toward the ground.

Each Spring it explodes into a fountain of beautiful pink or white blossoms. Simply a breath-taking sight!

If your yard or garden needs aSplash of Spring color, be sure to check this one out. It grows in many different climates.

I can’t think of a more beautiful Spring flowering tree!

Follow the step-by-step instructions on this Tree Planting Guide

Goat’s Beard – One Cent Sale!

Goat's Beard - One Cent Sale!

 When searching for more gardening flowers plants trees to add to the garden, this tall, elegant perennial gracefully fills in the back of borders. Creamy-white plumes and alternate, toothed leaves give it a feathery, light appearance. Use the latespring to early-summer flowering blooms in fresh or dried arrangements. Carefree native plants grow to 4-5′ tall in full sun to full shade. Plant 3-4′ apart. Deer tend to avoid. Zones 3-7. Aruncus dioicus

Most Spectacular early Spring Bloom on the Redbud Tree

You should also consider the lovely bright yellow Spring Blooming

Forsythia Bush

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