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Keep reading to find some gardening advice and rose gardening tips for your rose garden.

For healthy plants- do what I do...

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Crushed egg shells worked into the soil are very good for your plants. They promote root growth. After breakfast, crush up those shells, and work them in around the rose plants. (or just add them to the

Compost pile Want more gardening advice?

Try sprinkling some Epsom salt into the soil around the plants, and work it in. This helps promote root and plant growth, and gives the leaves a nice, dark green color.

Banana Peels are high in Potassium. Adding them to the soil is good for root growth and flower production. Cut the peels into small pieces, and work them into the soil.

egg shellegg shell is good gardening advice for fertilizer

Note: Important Gardening advice tip: when (working things into the soil) be careful not to dig to deep. Carefully pull back the mulch, and dig only into the top most part of soil, or you will disturb and expose the feeder roots. Then carefully replace the mulch. It's also a good idea to water the plants after adding anything to it. Roses LOVE Water!

Make sure you water deeply and frequently enough!

Under watered roses will not grow well, and NOT bloom well! Find out how to Be sure your roses get enough water.

There's no need to rush out and buy any expensive products! You can use these gardening ideas to maintain beautiful rose bushes that reward you with lush blooms by simply using some handy products you already have around your house.

Things like coffee, egg shells, cornmeal, and banana peels are no doubt something you use every week, if not every day. Instead of throwing them away, use these garden ideas by putting this stuff to good use in your garden.

More tips for roses gardening:Tea leaves spread under rose plants, are said to be very good for your roses! Roses love the tannic acid provided by the tea leaves.

Need Gardening Advice to get more Flowers?

Prune your roses for MORE Flowers!

Knowing Where to make the cut will encourage the plant to branch out and give you More flowers!

Click here to find out where to make the cut!

If you keep the flowers dead headed (that means removing blooms that have faded) you will encourage the bush to produce another round of blooms!

Follow this advice for beautiful healthy roses in your garden:


*Keep your Roses well fed and well watered.

*Remove faded blooms regulary

* Prune well

*Avoid Garden Pests

*Protect in colder climates *For gardening advice about Mulching It makes a difference to your roses!

Organic Solution to Win the battle against Fungal Infections!

Gently remove some of the mulch from around the roses, then sprinkle a half cup of cornmeal around the base of the plant. Replace the mulch.

Cornmeal promotes the growth of good fungus that competes with the fungi that cause powdery mildew and black-spot!

It also provides nutrients to the plants! I've recently had good luck with sprinkling it directly on the leaves that are not looking well! Within a few days, the leaves look good as new!

~More Gardening Tips ~ Organic Solutions~
                   Plants love Coffee!

Did you know that coffee grounds, spread around under your plants will deter slugs? If you have a Hosta Border (like I do), the ground coffee grounds, help keep them at bay, and the grounds are good for your soil to!

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