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knockout roses

Garden designs using knockout roses and other rose borders to inspire you! Use these wonderful landscape roses for continuous color all season with little maintenance! When planted in groups, these knockout roses are show stoppers.

Some great garden designs using knockout roses include pairing the new "sunny yellow" variety, with some red miniature roses (or) red Celosias (annual flowers) in front of them.

While other roses take a rest between blooms, the Knockouts begin blooming in Spring, and keep flowering all season, so keep this in mind when designing the garden.

Plant these beauties in clusters, or groups, at a corner, in a row, or just about anywhere that constant color is desired.

Even without deadheading, the flowers don't stop until a heavy frost sends them into dormancy!

Sunny Knockout

sunny knockout rose

Sunny Knock Out produces abundant single 3 inch wide bright yellow flowers with 5 to 6 petals.

This bush becomes a bushy, compact and rounded shrub rose. It has dark green semi-glossy foliage, that is resistant to black spot, powdery mildew and rust. It is even more disease resistant that its famous parent and grows to 3 foot high and wide.

There is no flower fragrance, but the petioles release a strong sweetbriar fragrance.

Pink Knockout

knockout rose garden designs

The Pink Knock Out rose is another high profile Floribunda Knock Out Rose for the landscape with brilliant pink blooms from spring to fall. It is a great addition for garden designs using knockout roses, in a sunny garden, or in containers with trailing perennials. This rose thrives in humid conditions and is black spot resistant. It is very maintenance free and an excellent low hedge or accent rose. They make simply stunning rose borders.

A great combination for the Pink Knockout rose, is Blue Delphinium planted in clumps behind the roses, or some blue (annual flowers) planted in front. Lavender would be another good choice.

Dusty Miller, or plants that are silver colored would also go very well.

Rainbow Knockout

rainbow knockout rose

Rainbow Knock Out is as carefree and hardy as its parent. This vigorous shrub has dark pink buds and bright, medium pink, cup-shaped blossoms that fade to a lighter shade. It is as tough as it is beautiful, and black spot resistant.

It is more compact and floriferous than the earlier Knock Out roses It would make a great lower growing border of roses.

It is crown hardy to zone 4 when mulched to ensure hardiness. Rainbow Knock Out seems to be the best of the Knock Outs so far, making them great for garden designs using knockout roses. The blooms have a pretty yellow eye, that makes them stand out well.

It may not bloom the whole year in mild climates, but you can enjoy the lovely orange hips in the late fall and winter.

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