Garden Walkways

Garden Pathways

Garden walkways can be as simple or elaborate as you make them. Garden pathways are an integral part of the border, between an expanse of lawn, and your bed of flowers.

garden walkways

Their purpose is simple... To direct your attention to a destination, and hopefully entice you to keep moving down the path, while giving you a clearly defined space to walk.

The garden itself should guide you in choosing materials for your walkways. A Formal garden, would command straight lines, with a focal point at the end.

Informal gardens, are best using a garden walkway with curving lines that might disappear around a bend, adding an element of wonder to the garden.

My husband built my brick walkway pictured above. It is made out of used bricks that we bought at a good price. It clearly defines the walk area, while adding a bit of elegance to the garden area.This type of garden walkway is easy to maintain. While mowing the grass, I can continue right over the bricks to the other side.

How to Make Garden Walkways

To install brick walkways;

  1. Measure the walk, then dig out the sod and dirt
  2. Rake smooth to remove any stones, then
  3. add a 3" layer of sand.
  4.  Next, my husband simply went along with the brick pavers, keeping them in line, and tapping them down into the sand with a rubber hammer.
  5.  Lastly, he swept more sand over the whole walk, filling in the cracks with more sand.

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garden pathway

When considering a garden path design, find something that will be most effective for your garden. If time is an issue, choose walkway designs that are easy to maintain. If your budget is tight, their are many garden path ideas available that won't break the bank!

This is a simple garden walkway made from fieldstone. It is constructed the same way as the brick pathway, except fieldstone was used instead of brick pavers. It too, is simple to maintain.The lawn mower goes right over it. An occasional clump of grass, or stray weed, needs to be pulled from between the stones, and when I'm feeling especially ambitious, I might give it a quick sweep with the broom!

For those nasty weeds that pop up, I'll use my homemade weed killer.

If you want a more formal design, a flagstone walkway can be quite beautiful!

brick path

This brick path (pictured on the right), is enhanced with a darker colored sand (called stone dust) This accents the pavers and makes them stand out against the red color of the pavers.

Notice how some of the bricks were cut smaller to be able to make the corner? If you are somewhat handy, and not concerned about being to picky with the finished path, these types of garden walks are pretty easy to install yourself.

If, however you strive for perfection, and it is within your budget, professional landscapers can do a fabulous job with these walks. The colors of bricks and materials to choose from are almost limitless!

You will be amazed at the possibilities.

garden bridge path

If you can incorporate something of interest in the garden walkway, do so, but make sure it fits in naturally. This metal bridge is one such feature. It keeps you walking, and makes you instantly wonder "what's on the other side?"

An arbor, or garden arch, would be another feature to naturally place in your garden path. A bench, or garden seat to sit and rest would be a welcomed feature as well.

garden arch

One of my favorite walkway ideas, is to use blue stone as pictured above, but pea stone works just as well. Actually any small rock makes a nice material for garden pathways. Putting plastic down first, and then shoveling the rock on top, helps to keep weeds down.

Looking for Stone Walkways?

These Step-by-step instructions by a DIY will show you how to build your own Flagstone Walk.

You can also Make your own stepping stones!

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