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garden urn

Add a Garden Urn, or outdoor planter to the garden, and add a bit of elegance!

Plant some colorful annuals, and let the show begin! You are limited only by your imagination. Let the creativity flow!

Did you think you didn't have room for mini roses? They do very well planted this way!

A miniature rose or two, some petunias, a coleus, some training blue flowers, ah..(so pretty..)

Fiberstone Urns

These lightweight garden outdoor planters, look like they are made of stone. You will find these planters in a large variety of designs, with a wide price range, so give them a look if you want to add a garden urn, garden pot,or outdoor planter to your garden.

The prices vary according to their size, and also where they are purchased.

What are They Made of?

They are made from fiberstone. It is a mixture of sand and stones, using techniques that make these beautiful urns have the look of cement.

The surface is then sandblasted and chemically treated, and given an acid stain that give's the appearance of aged stone.

Since it is reinforced with a fiberglass backing, it remains light-weight and less fragile than concrete.

I have found that fall is the best time to go shopping for these urns for the garden. Most places offer them at a huge discount... sometimes as much as 75 percent off!

So if you decide to purchase one (or two), get them in the fall, and then put them away (a porch, shed or garage) until spring.

Concrete Garden Urns

blue garden urnBlue Garden Urn

If you can afford them, these concrete urns will last a very long time!

I've had this blue urn for at least 10 years. It looks almost as good as it did when I first got it. I've positioned it in different parts of the garden, and every year plant it with something different.

This one I paid full price for... but

Sometimes I've been lucky enough to purchase others at flea markets and even roadside tag sales!

Planting Tips for Urns...

Note:It is important to know that if you want your flowers/plants to perform at their best, you must replace the potting soil every season. Work the old mix into a garden bed, or add it to the compost pile.

Your plants will of course still grow if you don't replace the potting soil, but they will not be "the best that they can be".

Planting Mini Roses in Urns;

From my own experience, I can tell you that Mini roses are beautiful planted in urns...they also do very well this way.... BUT, if you live in a cold region like I do (zone 5), You should not leave the mini rose(s) planted in the urn through the winter.

I tried it one year, and lost them all. If you intend on having the rose for another season, by early fall remove it from the urn and plant it in the ground somewhere, then cover it with leaves after the first hard frost. Be sure to keep watering it until the ground freezes.

It should still be alive and ready to plant back in the urn come spring!

If your Urn stays outside all winter, don't miss my step by step guide on how to decorate one for Christmas.


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