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flower garden designed with garden planning software

This FREE Garden Planning Software will make it easy for you to design a garden. You can insert your own flower bed ideas, using the simple drag and drop method.

Below you will see a sample garden that I designed, using this software. All you do is sign up,(FREE) creating your password, and you can start using this software to plan your garden right away!

What can this Garden Planning Software do?

Choose the size and shape of the bed

Add any structures you want (or already have)

Choose stepping stones, rocks, pavers etc.

Add shrubs or grasses

Add mature Trees

Add Perennial flowers, Annual flowers, Roses

You can test your own flower bed ideas on paper, before heading out to the garden.

Add a bench, a bird bath, or other garden ornment

Add a Trellis

Add climbing vines

And More!

All of the features that you can add, using this free garden planning software,can be enlarged, made smaller, or turned to any angle!

It's your garden, so build it the way you want!

Even if you've never used this kind of software before, you'll find it user friendly! I did!

flower garden plan

I found this garden planning software very easy to use, (rather fun actually) and I'm sure you will to!

By playing around with the different things you can do, you are sure to get lots of garden design ideas.

It's easier to design a garden on paper first, so you can see the full effect of what your garden will look like.

It's easier to "move things around" before they get planted in the ground. It allows you to visualize the garden, with trees, shrubs, and bushes where you want them.

By using the planning software, you can decide how many of a particular flower/plant you should add to the garden. You'll see how many climbing plants you need, how many medium, tall, and low growing plants/bushes you need as well.

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