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garden ornaments

When decorating your garden with garden ornaments, the possibilities are endless.

Before you purchase any garden statuary, think about what kind of garden you have:

A really small garden, might need a simple bird bath, or bench, to complete it.

A medium sized garden would look great with a few ornamental garden features, including a bird bath, and a bench.

A large garden, could have more to give it that finishing touch.

If your garden is very formal, consider garden statuary that is appropriate. Let the garden ornaments set the mood of the garden. If you want a rustic, country garden, use simple statues, and whimsical garden decor. Very formal gardens would have large fountains, and Greek Statues.

I like my garden to have the feel of a romantic English garden. (Formal, but not TOO formal. I occasionally add a bit of whimsy for fun!

ornamental garden bridge

I added this metal bridge to my garden last year. I haven't really finished what I want to do with it yet, I envision a dry stream bed, with tall grasses on the side, and miniature roses around it. Just have to find the time.....(for hubby to do it!)

It makes a lovely picture spot just as it is!

Garden Ornaments can be made from all kinds of material. I've learned through the years, that being in zone 5, I can't leave much of it out in the snow all winter!

The metal pieces do o.k, but most of my cement statues, have to be brought inside to protect them.

Depending on the price you pay for the piece, will generally tell you if it will stand up to the elements or not. Ask the manufacturer when you purchase it! View and purchase beautiful Garden Fountains Here

cherub garden decor

Garden statues like this one, get brought into the shed every fall.

Every couple of years, I give it a fresh coat of white paint, to help protect it, and spruce it up.

Notice how it stands out against the red Japanese Maple? See how the variegated Hosta frames it?

More Garden Statues and Decor..

gazing ball

Stand back, and look around your garden, as you decide where to place your garden ornaments.

Placement in the garden is very important!

This gazing globe looks delicate, but is actually very tough.

I leave it out for winter interest.

winter gazing ball

Here it is in Mid January!

I just love the blue color against the bright white snow!

Sorry to say that last year it got brought in to the shed and somehow got broken!

(My new purple one isn't as stunning as the blue)

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Garden Gnomes always find a spot in my garden.

I like to put them in a shaded woodsy area, usually putting a smile on the face of a garden visitor.

Shady gardens aren't as formal as other gardens, so I think whimsical ornaments fit better there.

gnome in garden
planter urn

This is one of a pair of cement planter Urns, that sit in the corners of a  garden edged in Hosta.

Each year I plant them with bold trailing flowers. I usually always put in some Wave petunias, because I like the look of them spilling out of the planter,and they do so well for me.

I get different colors each year, but my favorites are the light pink ones.They grow pretty fast, so the color starts early.

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mary statue

I sometimes find these garden ornaments at the local Flea market, or even at garage or tag sales.

My town usually has a once a year town-wide yard sale that is a great time for finding these ornaments for your garden.

This statue of Mary was a local Flea Market find.

The petunias are very happy growing at her feet.

stair planter

This wrought Iron spiral stair planter was another find from the local Flea market.

It took a little bit to convince my hubby that I (needed) it for the garden, but he eventually loaded it into the truck, unloaded it when we got it home, and even helped me paint it! (He's the best!)

blue urn

This garden urn always gets planted with a pink "Wave Petunia" These petunias are not your grandmothers petunias! They really do grow in waves! One year they re-seeded, and formed lovely clumps around a bench. I left them alone, and they happily grew bigger and bigger all season!

When planting annuals in any type of urn or pot, make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom. To much water, and the plant will die.

And don't forget to give it plenty of fertilizer if you want lots of lush flowers.

Don't Forget Bird Baths are Ornamental too

metal bird bath

Bird Baths come in many forms and materials from concrete to metal.

No matter what your preference, be sure to get a bird bath for your rose garden!

They are not only ornamental in the garden, but they offer drinking water (and baths) to our feathered friends!

Shop E-Bay for fabulous deals on Bird baths!

old sink in garden

It's your garden, make it uniquely YOU!

Garden ornaments like this old sink is right at home in front of my Seven Sisters bush.

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