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garden design ideas

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Need Rose garden plans?

For some people, the idea of 'Making a Garden' can be overwhelming. Sometimes you need a little help to get started. Or maybe you just can't visualize what the end result will be.

Feel free to copy any of my garden design ideas. You can change them to suit your own needs. I give lots of suggestions for alternative ideas.

Check back often, as I add more plans!

The first steps to designing your rose garden

Formal Rose Garden Design Ideas #1

formal sketch

These garden ideas can be enlarged or made smaller to suit your needs or space.

Don't crowd the plants in your rose garden! Keep the mature size of the roses in proportion to the size of your garden.

A formal garden is just that! These gardens are based on neat geometric beds arranged with intersecting paths. The pathways can be brick, stone, grass or other material of your choosing.

romantic garden

They usually consist of trimmed hedges or bushes. High walls and Arbors can provide definition and substance. Always there is a focal point such as a bird bath.

Generally, each bed consists of the same roses, making them mirror images of each other.

Depending on your planting zone, you could outline this garden with Boxwood, Yew, Arborvitae or any flowering hedge that can be kept trimmed (Mock Orange, Quince, Weigela, the possibilities are endless!) Or-- you could plant a rose hedge!!!!

The very middle could be a lovely Bird Bath, or a Gazing Globe, or a Sundial.

Your choice of Roses will determine how many you can plant in each bed. Larger varieties will need more space! Be sure to give them plenty of room to grow.

pink rose design

The circular bed closest to the middle could be either miniature roses, or flowers to add more color (possibly white allyssum, blue ageratums or something perennial such as candytuff)

You don't have to put in all the roses the first year- substitute annual flowers for quick results until you can plant more.

A Garden Design Idea for the entryway to your garden could be left open, or you could add a gate. An arbor with climbing roses on either side, would be especially inviting. A lovely Pergola in the back of the garden with climbing roses would add the finishing touch!

You could also put a bench on the opposite end of the garden. (This is the spot where you will relax, sip your favorite beverage, and enjoy your beautiful new rose garden!)

Rosegarden Companion Flowers

More Design Ideas Using Roses

Turn these Garden Design Ideas into a Butterfly Garden Plan by adding a Butterfly Bush, along with other favorite flowers that attract butterflies!

Learn How to Plan a Garden

Formal Rose Garden Design #2

formal rose garden design 2

More Garden Design Ideas for your Rose Garden The walkways can be grass, pavers, stone, brick or any material of your choosing.

The center (A) should be the focal point of the rose garden.

You could have a fountain, bird bath, or even a small garden table with two chairs (depending on the size you make the garden).

The garden beds B,C,D and E, will be the planting area.

This garden is meant to be viewed from all sides, so it is best to plant tall bushes/ plants in the center of each bed. Medium size go around them, and smaller plants will form an edge along the walkways.

You'll find ideas for Garden Walkways here....

For Easy garden planning,try this Free Garden Planning software

Flower Garden Plans for a Romantic Garden

This book Romantic Garden (Garden Bookshelf) is full of ideas and photographs to give YOUR garden that wonderful Romantic feel!The choice of color, textures, and plants all add to the feel of your romantic garden. Objects used in the garden are also important.

hosta border

This is one of my lovely Hosta borders. (I know Hostas are suppose to be shade lovers, but these seem to do wonderful in full sun!)

I have the whole garden edged with them. The variegated leaves add color to the garden.

When I need more for another garden, I find them very easy to separate, making my supply of them endless!

Don't be afraid to add some flowers for edging or accent, in your rose garden. If you have your own garden design ideas in mind, give them a try, you might find something that is beautiful and works really well!

Gardens are all about trial and error,and looking forward to the next year!

I have beds lined with hosta. Others are lined with catmint.

Catmint have these lovely lavender flowers, that the bees love! Bee's are good for your garden! The plants make nice edging or specimen plants. They are a favorite edging plant for me. I like the way the plant looks... lovely spikey, lavender flowers, and soft green leaves.

allyssum flowers

More garden design ideas for constant flower edging, is a plant that has always worked well in my garden.

This edging plant is called Allyssum.

It is an annual, but for me it does re-seed it self! It is available in a pure white variety, and also in this wonderful, colorful rose/pink color. Can't you picture these billowy,soft, romantic flowers edging the front of your rose garden?

I usually start these Annual Flower seeds myself, and then plant in the ground after the chance of frost has passed. They start really easy, and grow pretty quick. You can also plant directly in the ground.

Any small flowers, or miniature roses make nice edging. They tie the garden together, and give it a magical look. Keep it consistent in all the beds.

garden fairy

This little garden fairy is trying to work some magic of her own!

Add some romance to your garden, with wispy plants, like Baby's Breath. If you like to cut your roses for bouquets, you can snip a few sprays of it, for a perfect bouquet! Look here, to learn how to make cut roses last longer!

Cottage Garden Design Ideas

These garden design ideas are for a very Informal garden, filled with all your favorite flowers! No need to carefully plan each addition to this garden, the more the merrier! This is your Grandmothers flower garden from the past. Create a Cottage Garden

The shrubs or greenery are important in the garden. They can define the garden, enclose it, be the back-drop, or just add visual interest.

Adding some evergreen shrubs to the garden keeps the garden beautiful year round by adding color even when the rest of the garden sleeps.

When used as a border or backdrop, the green really makes the roses stand out.

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