Garden Bugs

Bugs on Roses

Not all Garden Bugs are bad! Some Bugs on Roses are beneficial to the rose garden.

Unless you can tell the good bugs from the bad ones, you'll be guessing about whether to squish it or thank it for being there.

Let's begin with the Good Bugs;

Beneficial Insects are either  bugs that eat other (bad) bugs, or those like bees, that pollinate the flowers.

Beneficial Garden bugs in the rose garden..

lady bug

Lady Bug

A great beneficial insect

Loves to eat aphids!

green lacewing

Green Lacewings

Another great Beneficial!

Loves aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs!

Mason Bee

A good pollinator for your flowers, and it doesn't sting!

yellow jacket bee

Yellow Jackets

They do eat caterpillars, so they have  a purpose, but they have a nasty sting!

monarch butterfly


Help to pollinate the flowers and are a joy to have in the garden!

Learn all about Butterflies, including making a garden full of their favorite plants to attract them HERE.

Bugs that are Bad for the Roses

These bugs are Not welcome visitors to the rose garden! If you see any of them, you should take action right away before they get out of control.

rose slug

Rose Slugs

These nasty little garden bugs will skeletonize the leaves, like in the picture.

Want to know more about Rose Slugs..

japanese beetle

Japanese Beetles

Metallic colored beetles that appear in June and chew up flowers in no time. What can you do about them? Japanese Beetles

aphids on rose leaves


These Sap sucking green insects (aphids on roses) are very common rose pests. They love fresh new growth. More about Aphids on roses..

spider mite webbing on rose leaves

Spider Mites

If you see this webbing; you have spider mites.

You will see a discoloration and scorching of the leaves. Can lead to leaf loss and death of the plant if untreated.

Rose Midge

Tiny white Sawfly larvae suck the juice to cause the stem and bud tips to wilt, turn black and die.

Leaf Hopper

Their damage is similar to spider mites. They can be very damaging in the rose garden.

Cane Borers

The beetle larvae tunnel into a cane which quickly wilts and dies. Look for sawdust at entry point. Cut out cane above tunnel and destroy.


They are not all bad, but if they are destroying my roses, I say they are fair game to destroy!

Mealy Bugs

Small, cottony looking bugs. Leaves wilt or become deformed.

White Flies

When disturbed, tiny white flies fly up in a cloud. Causes wilting, chlorosis, loss of leaves and stunted growth.

Cucumber Beetles

Chews deep holes in flower buds

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