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Garden apparel is a necessary part of gardening. Like it or not, if you're going to play in the dirt, you can't exactly do it in your Sunday best clothes and shoes.

I love my garden clogs for working in the garden, because I can easily slip them on and off.

Here you will find some find some very comfortable garden apparel and outdoor gardening gear such as clogs, as well as some rubber and muck boots for when the weather is on the wet side, yet chores still need to be done in the garden.

Not only is this outdoor gear comfy to wear, but fashionable as well!

Aren't those boots adorable?

garden clogs
garden boots

When your garden work is done for the day, this cute little squirrel will help you to easily clean off your boots before heading inside! This clever boot brush is Only $27.95

squirrel boot brush

Certain times of the year, the mosquitos and other annoying bugs make it difficult to spend time in the garden unprotected.

Now you could try to keep your hands in motion shooing them off you, and slapping your self trying to kill them or ward them off......but there is a better way!

So lightweight you hardly know you're wearing it, yet it offers great protection for your head, neck and arms.

protective garden wear

This garden apron will keep all your gardening tools handy and right at your finger tips!

Ever put down your garden snips, only to wander through the whole garden trying to remember where you set them down?

There's even a pocket with a hole specifically for pulling your garden twine through. (Keeps it from tangling). This is a must to keep the roses tied up! No more heading back to the garden shed for the twine when you see a long cane that needs to be tied.

Only $13.95

garden apron

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Need More Apparel for the Garden...

Next is a couple of gardeners favorites!

This Canvas Tool Belt is easy to slip on, on your way to the garden! Simply add the necessary tools for your day's gardening activity and you're good to go!

Click on the picture for more info or to order.

Bugs bugging you out in the garden? Check out these 'BugBaffler' Tick Gators! They slip on right over your pants! Click the picture to learn more.


You'll find Rose Gardening Gloves HERE

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