Garden Angel

Is there a Garden Angel in your garden? Be It a real angel figurine made out of stone, cement, plastic, metal or simply a whisper in the wind that makes you think an angel might be visiting!

Angels are very real for me, and I apologize to anyone reading this that does not believe in them. This is not an attempt to convert or change anyone's mind....... I simply love angels!

My Garden Angel

MomMy Mom (and Garden Angel)

My favorite, and most cherished ones are the ones I will put back in the garden this Spring. You see my Mom gave them to me (she knew how much I liked angels).

She is now an Angel herself ...(Come to think of it, she always was an angel..)

One of the last gardening memories I will have of her was last year when she (helped) me plant two new climbing roses.

Basically it took all she had to stand there, after ever so slowly walking out to the garden, (with lots of stops to rest). She stood there all bent over with her portable oxygen tank, struggling to breath.

I will think of her every time I see those roses bloom! And every time I look at any of the angels she gave me.

My Mom (Jean) loved to garden herself. She was always (growing) something. More to the point, she loved to multiply things! If she came to your house and saw a flower or plant she didn't have, she was secretly thinking of how she could get a cutting of it!

I will add pictures of all my garden angel (s) as soon as the weather allows me to get them outside!

I find it comforting to have angels in my garden and my home. I know that they are very popular as garden ornaments and signs. Keep reading to see what one reader has to say about her own special garden angel sign.....

Sent in by a reader;

By Andrea (Atlanta, Georgia)

Garden Angel Sign for an Avid Gardener

Garden Angel Sign

There was a time in my life when I had a lovely home on an acre of land. It took nearly 5 years of creative effort, but I landscaped the entire yard.

With a small budget and many shade trees already there, I dug up natural ferns and other plants from the neighboring woods (with permission) and even "saved" plants by digging up pushes before a house was demolished (again with permission).

I vividly remember the hydrangea. I had only 1 day before the home was being bulldozed and it was 28 degrees outside. Armed with a shovel and an axe, I took out 7'x7' hydrangea in pieces. The plant was dormant since it was winter. I said a prayer and planted it in 9 pieces at the edge of my woods. They all lived and flourished.

The last year I was in the house, a dear friend gave me the sign in the picture as an inside joke as she was as landscape crazy as I.

By the way, when I sold the house (divorce), the woman who bought it told me the yard was so beautiful, she felt bad for me having to leave it. She offered me cuttings of anything I wanted.

I smiled and thanked her. Then I admitted I'd taken 50 of my favorite plants with me. "From where!", she gasped."There isn't a bare spot in the yard."


Here you will find some Angel garden statues

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