Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

front yard landscaping ideas

Find Front yard landscaping ideas that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Especially if you use some beautiful roses for accent.

A fresh and new style of landscaping is here! Let your garden landscape design brim with plantings that compliment the natural setting.

These tips on yard landscaping ideas for your front yard, will transform the yard into a place of beauty.

Forget the old way of simply planting ever-green shrubs lined up in front of the house. These "foundation" plantings are left-over ideas from a by-gone era of houses with ugly foundations that needed to be hidden.

Today, people realize that it is best to use more natural plantings with lots of colors and texture that will compliment the house. Many gardens can be viewed from with-in the house, so thought has to be given to the view from inside as well.

Read these garden design ideas to learn how gardening and landscaping have become one. They encompass the entire property, rather than an isolated flower border or bed.

Today's gardens and landscapes allow flowers, herbs, native grasses, and even vegetables to merge together in the same garden.

Massed ground covers of different plants and materials replace the ever-popular expanse of green grass lawns.

Today's home-owners have little time to spend mowing, and clipping the grass. They need front yard landscaping ideas that include gardens filled with pea-gravel and pretty rocks, walkways, fountains and combinations of plants that create year-round interest. These types of ideas are becoming increasingly popular.

Gardeners/homeowners have become more knowledgeable on the subject, and are demanding more from their gardens with less fuss.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Wild flowers are replacing lawns. A well planned garden landscape design might include:

  • Clumps of Grasses,
  • Masses of Flowers(including Roses)
  • Perennial Flowers
  • Different Textured Shrubs
  • Low Maintainence Roses
  • Your yard will have a "new face" with each season. Planting ones that bloom at different times will add spontaneity with each new bloom.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Spring

Flowering Bulbs begin their yearly show, adding early color to the garden.

Drifts of Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths are a welcome site after a long winter. Once planted, they will return and perform for years. Unfortunately, after flowering, the unsightly fading leaves must be left on the plant to ensure the flowers for next year. To hide them in the garden, you should plant perennials that will emerge at the same time as these bulbs fade.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Summer

front yard landscaping rose bush

The best landscape design tips for Summer, is to plant perennial flowers that will keep the show going.

This takes some careful planning. You should choose plants that are attractive, with a more extended, showier bloom. You will need plants that can compliment each other, in combinations that have a long bloom time, different shapes and textures, and overall good appearance throughout the growing season.

They should be planted so that the height, and proportion doesn't outgrow it's space. Care-free plants that have attractive foliage all season are a must. Attractive seed pods, flower bracts, and rose hips will add fall/winter interest.

Ornamental Grasses have become ideal garden companions, that dramatically alter their space. Giant ones provide magnificient accents, while smaller versions blend well amoung the flowers adding contrast.

If you have rose gardening in mind for your yard,you will find many, that are well suited.

Easy to grow roses that can be incorporated into your front yard garden. Most of them keep blooming all season, and are disease resistant, and carefree.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Fall/Winter

Grasses are beautiful all season, but fall brings on the real show when flower heads emerge, and winter turns the soft green color to shades of wheat and apricot.

Roses such as the Knock out rose blooms right up until a killing frost stops it. The foliage turns a lovely shade of red.

Brown-Eyed Susan's have attractive seed pods if left to winter in the garden.

Autum Joy Sedum,appearing in early spring, stays neat and compact. Showy green buds unfold into pink flowers that darken at summers end, They stay attractive far into the winter.

Find front yard landscaping ideas that fits not only your front yard, but You the gardener/homeowner. Take a drive around the neighborhood, noting flowers, shrubs and trees that you like. Make a note of their bloom time. Compose your garden of suitable plantings that tie into the natural world around it. Learn to appreciate the subtle shades of the natural landscape that allows you to accept all phases of the plants life cycle. (Beauty isn't always "ever-green) Turn your front yard into a garden oasis that you will love, with little work!

To the good gardener,

     all kinds of design are good,

              if not against the site, soil, climate,

                               or labors of his garden

-William Robinson

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