Free Trellis Plans

How to Build a Trellis

These Free Trellis Plans, will show you how to build a trellis for your yard or garden. Plants that vine actually grow faster when they have something to climb.

These free wood plans are Free for you to use. They are available from other sites that offer them. By clicking on the headline, you will go to the site that offers them.

There is nothing to buy, you can print them, and use right now! Scroll down to get started!

Simple Trellis

simple fan trellis free plans

This typical "Fan" trellis, is made with thin slats. It is super easy to make. You can leave it the natural wood color, or stain or paint it to match your garden decor!

free trellis plans

Pyramid Trellis

This lovely Trellis is 7 feet tall! Another easy trellis to make.

This is very decorative in the garden, even with nothing growing on it! Some climbing roses would certainly dress it up! Even Morning Glories would be nice growing on this pyramid trellis.

Make it from the wood of your choice.

lath trellis

Lath Trellis  

You will learn how to build a trellis, with variations of your choice. These are great Free Plans. When you want to show off the climbing plants to their best, a simple trellis will get the job done.

This one is open and airy, so there is plenty of room for twining plants. Roses especially like this kind of trellis, because it makes training them easy!

free trellis plan

Post and Wire Trellis

By topping cedar posts with decorative finials and stringing a lattice of plastic-coated wire between them, you can create a trellis that would be ideal for many garden settings.

The construction is simple, the materials are inexpensive, and the finished effect is stunning.

garden trellis

Garden Trellis #2

Another easy one! Free Trellis plans with complete step by step instructions, as well as pictures that show you step by step what to do.

I just love a decorative trellis. Make it yourself for much less! Save Money!

window frame trellis

Make this very unique trellis, from an old window frame. Or use a door frame! You could even build your own out of new wood. A rustic, unique type of trellis!

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