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10  Free Garden Products

Household throwaways can be valuable to the frugal gardener. Here you will find ten recyclable garden ideas from stuff you might normally throw away. 

1. Food Waste: Peels from potatoes, scrapes from vegetables and fruits, coffee grounds and even egg shells can all be composted to make free compost!

There is almost nothing better for your plants than organic compost! Buy, or build your own compost bin easily.

2. Plastic Milk Jugs: Rinse out your used plastic milk jugs, and using sharp scissors, cut away part of the top leaving the handle in tact.

These can be used to cover small plants in the garden in Spring when a frost is expected. (Remove the jug in the morning)

You can also use these jugs to start seeds for later planting.

3. Large Pieces of Cardboard, large cardboard boxes, old rugs and such can be spread outin the garden in Fall to help prevent early spring weeds from emerging. It is best to weigh it down with stones or logs. Remove it in the Spring before planting time.

4. Paint Trays: Used roller painting trays make great containers for seed trays. Simply punch a few holes in the bottom of the tray for drainage. 

5. Popsicle Sticks: If your kids (or you) eat frozen popsicles... save those sticks! Once dry, you can write on them with a sharpie, and they make nice row markers in the garden, or for identifying your seed trays.

More Free Gardening Products Ideas

6. Old Garden Boots: Your old gardening boots can be turned into the most interesting planters for sedum and other drought tolerant plants. They make great points of interest in the garden.

7. Plastic Glass Cleaner Squirt  Bottles: Rinse out those Windex bottles, and use them to spray your homemade bug control spray on your plants! Be sure to mark the bottle so you know for certain what it contains!

8. Throw away Pie Pans: Finished that store bought pie? Don't throw away the aluminum pan! Hang these in the garden to scare away garden pests.

10. Plastic Ice Cream Containers:These are great for harvesting flower petals and flowers through the season.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to look around and think before heading to the trash can....

Maybe you will find lots more Free Gardening Products on your own!

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