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 Most Fragrant Rose in the Garden

smell the fragrant roses

Plant Fragrant Roses in your garden to fill the air with the wonderful scent of roses, and enlighten your gardening experience!

When handed a rose, the first thing we do, is smell it.
Fragrances of roses, have been cherished for years. Since ancient times, the rose petals of fragrant smelling roses have been used to scent perfumes.

Rose fragrance  might be the main reason you want roses in your garden. If it is, then you must choose which variety best suits your garden plan. Fragrant Tea roses, fragrant Floribundas, fragrant Climbing roses, or perhaps a Heirloom rose with its delightful old-rose fragrance.
Any of these roses, when placed under windows, along walkways, or near seating areas, will fill the air with a wonderful scent of roses.

Each person has their own unique sense of smell.  What one person thinks is a lovely smell could be offensive to others. But most of us agree...     Roses with fragrance, smell wonderful!

How to Choose Fragrant Roses for Your Garden

When choosing roses that are fragrant,for your garden, make sure you choose ones that will thrive in your planting area.

Your planting zone will determine which types of fragrant roses
to grow in your garden!

Here are some names of roses with pictures to help you decide.

Variations in the Scents of Fragrant Roses

Best Time for Smelling of Roses

girl smelling roses

The scent of the rose depends on many things-

  • The weather conditions
  • How mature the rose is
  • What time of day it is
  • The Temperature

Fragrant Roses,(according to the rose experts)

Are most fragrant:

~ On a warm, still, humid day~

They have a stronger scent:

~When the rose is 3/4 open, in early afternoon, with a high relative humidity, and temperature is above 70 degrees ~

In warm climates, roses are most fragrant in the morning or evening. In colder climates, roses have the best fragrances in the late afternoon.

A rose scent, or fragrance, can make you relive a special memory, or reconnect with a past experience. For many of us, those old fashioned roses with that exotic, enticing scent of fragrant flowers, bring back wonderful childhood memories.

Fragrances of Roses

There are seven basic fragrances of roses.

Rose ~ Nasturtium  ~ Apple ~ Violet ~ Clove ~ Lemon ~ and ~ Tea.

  • The traditional (rose)scent only occurs in red and pink colored roses.
  • Orange colored roses usually have scents of tea, nasturtium, clove or violet.
  •  Yellow and White roses usually smell like tea, nasturtium,violet, or lemon.

Below are some of the Most Fragrant!

Sheilas Perfume

sheilas perfume rose

A glorious Floribunda rose with flowers that resemble a Hybrid Tea rose! The flowers are a stunning yellow, edged in pink. They have a strong, sweet rose fragrance.

The best flower color and size appear in cooler temperatures.

Hybridizer: Sheridan 1982

He named this flower after his wife. It has won many awards.

Fragrant Cloud

fragrant cloud rose

Impressive coral/orange blooms that produce a heady fragrance of expensive perfume.

An upright bush that grows 4 1/2 feet tall by 3 1/2 feet wide.

It is a constant bloomer.

Hardy zones 5-10 Just one bloom will perfume an entire garden!

(If you live in the right zone, give this one a try!) Learn more about the Fragrant Cloud Fragrant Roses

Mr. Lincoln

mister lincoln rose

This is a very fragrant Hybrid Tea garden rose that grows upright, and tall. It can easily grow 5-7ft.

The lovely dark red flowers are not only fragrant, but have beautiful exhibition form, typical with Hybrid Tea roses.

The fragrance is intense.

The velvety red blooms are stunning in the garden.

Radient Perfume

radient perfume rose

The most fragrant yellow Hybrid Tea!

Dark yellow blooms are like a beacon in the garden.

A strong citrus fragrance.

Grows 5-6 feet

All on a very vigorous plant

Long stems are great for cutting.

(when the word perfume is in the name, you know it smells good!


scentimental rose

This is a Floribunda with burgundy and white/cream colored gorgeous flowers! The old-fashioned form, and striped flowers make this rose unique, and a must have for rose-lovers!

While the color display is wonderful, the real attraction is the fragrance. Very intense, and spicy.

The neatly rounder bush grows 3-4ft.

Double Delight

double delight rose

The fragrance on the Double Delight Rose, is intense! A spicy, intoxicating scent, like expensive perfume. For Hybrid teas, they are one of the most fragrant roses. It has won several awards for its fragrance.

This Hybrid tea is very disease resistant. The plant is vigorous, and blooms abundantly.

Purchase this Rose, Double Delight, Here at a great price!

Search by Color...
These Roses are Recommended for Fragrance

Red Roses

Chrysler Imperial

Crimson Glory

Mister Lincoln

Pink Roses

Crested Moss


Dainty Bess

Sarah Van Fleet

MMe Issac Pereire

Yellow Roses


White Roses

Sheer Bliss


List of MOST FRAGRANT Hybrid Tea Roses

  • Alec"s Red
  •  Audrey Wilcox
  • Blue Girl
  •  Bewitched
  •  Betty White
  •  Buxom Beauty
  •  Color Magic
  •  Chrysler Imperial
  •  Cloud Nine
  • Crimson Glory
  •  Cynthia
  •  Deep Secret
  •  Double Delight
  •  Efeil Tower
  •  Electron
  •  Elle
  • Folklore
  • Fragrant Cloud
  • Fragrant Dream
  •  Fragrant Hour
  •  Frederic Mistral,
  • French Perfume
  • Gemini, Granada
  •  Heirloom,
  • Just Joey
  •  King Macc
  •  Lasting Love
  •  Lemon Spice
  •  Memorial Day
  •  Midas Touch
  • Moon Shadow
  •  Mr. Lincoln
  •  Neptune
  •  Paul Shirville
  •  Perfume Delight
  •  Oklahoma
  •  Pearl Essence
  •  Pink Peace
  •  Red Masterpiece
  •  Rosemary Harkness
  • Royal Highness
  •  Scent-Sation
  • Sheer Bliss
  • Tiffany
  •  Tropicana,
  • Occasion
  •  Sunset Celebration
  •  Sweet Afton
  •  Sheer Bliss
  •  Typhoo Tea
  •  Velvet Fragrance

 Most Fragrant Shrub Roses

  • Everest Double Fragrance
  • Penelope

List of MOST FRAGRANT Ramblers/ Climbers

  • Autumn Sunset
  •  Darlows Enigma
  • Paul's Himalayan Musk
  • Viking Queen
  •  Westerland

List of Most Fragrant Floribunda Roses

  • Angel Face
  • Apricot Nectar
  • Fragrant Plum
  • Honey Perfume
  • Intrique
  • Sheila's Perfume

List of MOST FRAGRANT Grandiflora Roses

  • Fragrant Plum
  • Melodys Parfume

List of MOST FRAGRANT David Austin Roses

  • Abraham Darby
  • Claire Austin
  • Comte de Chambord
  • Crown Princess Margareta
  • Evelyn
  • Gertrude Jekyll
  • Golden Celebration
  •  Happy Child
  • Harlow Carr
  • Lady Emma Hamilton
  •  Pretty Jessica
  • Princess Alexandra of Kent
  • Scepter'd Isle
  • Strawberry Hill
  • Tamora
  • The Generous Gardener
  • The Mayflower
  • Young Lycidas
  • William Shakespeare 2000

Most Fragrant Roses of the Old Garden Roses

  • Ardiosee De Lyon
  • Comte De Chambord
  • La Reine
  • La Ville de Bruxelles
  • Louise Odier
  • Queen of Denmark
  • Red Moss
  • Reine Des Violettes
  • Rose De Rescht
  • Salet
  • Varigated di Bologna

More Roses that are Fragrant

Fragrant Plum, Honey Perfume,Just Joey, Louise Odier, Madame Alfred Carriere, madame Issac Perreire, Madame Plantier, New Dawn, Radiant Perfume, Roseraie de l'Hay

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