Fragrant Plum Rose

Purple Grandiflora Roses

Fragrant Plum rose, is a large-flowered, light purple,Grandiflora rose, that you will often see listed as a Hybrid Tea rose. It is a strong-growing rose that produces flowers in large candelabra-like heads, with long stems, making them perfect for cutting.

You can be sure that any rose with the name "fragrant" in their name, will be very nicely scented as well.

The double, high-centered blooms of the Fragrant Plum rose last a long time, both in the vase, and on the bush. The colors don't fade, but in hot climates, on very hot days, you might get some burning of the new growth.

This one is a very shapely, and intensely fragrant rose bush. It won the Gamble fragrance award in 2007. Its abundant blooms and deep green foliage, makes it a nice addition to your garden.

Type Grandiflora Roses

Hybridizer Christensen 1990

Blooms Light lavendar, blushing a darker purple at the edges flowers are 4 - 4 1/2” across, (exhibition form) with 20-25 petals

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, grows upright, tall , 5-6’

Foliage medium size, dark green, semi-glossy

Fragrance intense, fruity fragrance

Awards J.A. Gamble Fragrance Award 2007

Hardy Zone 7-10

More about the Fragrant Plum rose

The medium/large double blooms on this Grandiflora/Tea rose are listed as a Mauve/mauve blend, but some who grow this rose, say that it's color is more on the pinkish side. I think maybe the soil ph has a bit to do with that.

The color is a bit unusual for a rose. The blooms become deeper, and more pink colored as they age. The stems have a moderate amount of prickles (thorns), and the flowers make beautiful rose bouquets for the vase.

They begin with long pointed buds that unfurl to a soft looking rose with a deeper color edging.

This rose is very generous with the flowers, and produces them in abundance, all season long in flushes. If you live in the right zone to grow this rose, it will reward you with lots of rose flowers, with a delightful fragrance for picking! (Careful of those thorns!) (prickles)

Cooler temperatures tend to give this flower the best form, but the heat brings on brighter colors. Either way, it is a beautiful rose!

To make this rose really stand out in the garden, plant something pale yellow in color, or blush pink beside it. You'll find the contrast to be lovely.

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