Fourth of July Rose

Red and White Climbing Roses

fourth of july rose

The Fourth of July rose are climbing roses with lovely large red and white striped flowers.

It is a very unique rose bush, because no two blossoms on these red and white climbing roses are the same. Each rose is velvety red, with stripes, or splashes of white, with a golden stamen center, but each one is just a bit different.

The fourth of July, is a large flowered climber,that has very fast repeat blooms, and stays in bloom all season long.

Wouldn't one of these striped roses look great in your garden?

The flowers open crimson and pink color, but fade to oxblood red and white. Some flowers are mostly red, while others are mostly white. Their markings vary considerably, which adds to the impact of the bush.

The flowers come in clusters of 5-20, with the center flower being the largest, and opening first. The flowers are very long lasting on the bush.

Type Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Carruth 1999

Blooms Semi-double blooms are a velvety, scarlet red striped with white. ruffled petals 10-15, can get 4- 4 1/2"

Growth Habits Upright grower is vigorous and hardy. Grows tall 10-15'.

Foliage Large, deep green and glossy with excellent disease resistance.

Fragrance The fragrance is a spicy/sweet apple scent.

Awards AARS 1999

Hardy Zone

zones 5-10

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A wonderful climber, the Fourth of July, is very vigorous, and bears flowers all over the canes. The spectacular flowers are born in clusters, and each cluster explodes with colors of red and bright white.

The repeat bloom is very fast, so the bush is in full color all season.

The wonderful striped flowers on this modern climber,have a fresh-cut apple and sweet rose scent that is very pleasing. I just love roses that smell so good, don't you?

The sparkling, small size, dark green foliage has slightly rounded leaflets with a larger terminal leaflet. The foliage is very disease resistant, and also very prickly.

The canes can reach up to 15 feet in milder climates, making them a nice choice for an arbor or pergola. They also look great planted against a wall, shed, or into a medium sized tree.

Sometimes when you see a rose that you really LOVE, but can't seem to find just the right spot for it,consider planting it beside a small tree. As long as the tree is a small ornamental tree that won't shade the rose to much, it makes a nice support for it. Or plant one anywhere you want a splash of color!

The Fourth of July rose was the first climbing rose bush to win an AARS award in 23 years.

The name of the rose commemorates Independence Day.

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