Forsythia Bush

forsythia bush

The Spring blooming Forsythia Bush will put early color in the garden. You can force stems into bloom for even earlier color. Read on to learn about growing and pruning a Forsythia plant.

This early blooming shrub shines like a beacon in your garden with bright yellow flowers. The Forsythia flowering bush is a very hardy bush that doesn't seem to be fussy about soil conditions.

The cheerful yellow flowers appear before the leaves, covering the bush in blossoms. Planting in full sun encourages even more flowering.

There are many varieties available from common yellow ones, to very cold hardy varieties with maroon colored leaves, dwarf ones, and even weeping varieties. Colors of yellow vary as well. (All beautiful!)

In my area (zone 5) the flush of blooms on my Forsythias, signal that it is time for pruning rose bushes. I cut them back, and give them their first round of rose fertilizer.

Learn more about this shrub..

  • It does like full sun, and can grow like mad in a single season.
  •  It is a very easy shrub to transplant and propagate. Tall branches that reach the ground, will root where they fall if not trimmed. 
  • The Forsythia is a very cold tolerant flowering shrub.
  • If you want some earlier blooms for inside, you can snip some branches, bring inside, and simply put them in a vase of water. They will soon reward your efforts with some sunny colored blooms.
  • They have no serious insect, pest, or disease problem

Pruning Forsythia Plant

You should prune your Forsythia bush right after it has flowered. It forms the new buds for the following years flowers soon after, so if you wait to long, you will get few flowers next year. Cut out any older or dead branches at this time as well, because that will encourage the growth of new branches.

Some people shape the bush like a hedge, and still get suitable flowers, I like to let mine grow with that lovely weeping effect.

Prune hard, because the Forsythia grows incredibly fast! You'll be amazed at how much growth you get even after you prune it!

If you have an old bush that doesn't produce many flowers, or none at all, give it a really hard pruning. Watch for when other Forsythia's bloom in your area, and do it then.

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