Flower Garden Pictures

Photos of Gardens with Flowers

flower garden picture

These Flower Garden Pictures, and photos of gardens are here to inspire you to be creative in your own garden.

There are endless possibilities of flower combinations for your garden, but sometimes seeing a picture instead of trying to imagine it, makes it easier to put it all together.

These flower garden pictures contain many flower and leaf textures, as well as different colors, that all contribute to making the garden what it is.

Knowing the bloom time of the flowers,is very important, if you want to keep the garden colorful all season.

Look at these photos of gardens pictures below and borrow ideas for your own garden. Seeing pictures sometimes gets our own creative juices flowing, to help us create the garden we strive for.

iris garden
garden with flowers

Flower Types

Flower gardens are made up of many different types of flowers.

Perennial Flowers come back and flower each year, growing into bigger clumps and sometimes spreading. After a few years, you can divide the clumps to multiply your flowers. Or sometimes if you haven't deadheaded them, the seeds will drop and baby plants will emerge.

Annual Flowers only grow for one season. They are not winter hardy, and die after the killing frost. (With the exception of sometimes scattered re-seeding.)

Color in the Garden

my garden

Color is one of the Most important factors of any garden. But you don't only get color from the flowers. Bushes, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and leaves can give you some nice contrasting color also.

Notice the different colors of the shrubs in this photo of flowers. Now imagine this garden with all green bushes....

red and yellow flowers

Red and Yellow always combine to make a great color combination! But for the combination to work, the flowers have to be in bloom at the same time, or the combination is lost.

The yellow loosestrife bloom at the same time as these red roses.

flower garden pictures

A more formal garden has defined garden areas, and defined walkways. Gardens are more tidy, with very careful attention to color combinations.

Public gardens have plantings of specific colors,that change through the seasons, keeping the garden always colorful, and always blooming.

More Flower Garden Pictures

iris flowers

Iris's are great in the garden, adding not only the beautify of the flowers, but the long leave spikes that add interest all season.

Notice the different shades of Purple in these flower garden pictures? They are different shades of the same color, but don't they blend well together?

By adding different shades of the same color, you add a pleasing visual effect, because the colors will harmonize well together.

red climbing roses

Any type of fence, or structure makes a good opportunity for you to plant something that will climb. Climbing flowers or vines add vertical space to your garden, so even if you don't have room for a large garden, you can always find a spot to let the plant grow "up".

honeysuckle vine

Vines offer you another chance for Vertical gardening. This Honeysuckle vine happily grows up the arbor, greeting garden visitors.

It is also a favorite flower of the little Hummingbirds. Read how to attract Hummingbirds to your garden

Another garden visitor is the Butterfly! Do you know which other ones are Butterfly Garden Plants?

Pink Roses in a Garden

pink garden roses

Pink Climbing Roses in a Formal Garden

flower garden-pink roses

This Garden Changes Color With Each Season

my flower garden

Another Interesting Garden

peony garden

This is a picture of a beautiful rose garden (sent in by a reader..)

my rose garden

I hope these flower garden pictures have helped you to envision a garden of your own!

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